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I’m back from my wanderings! July 23, 2014

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Raising a bridge on the Llangollen canal.

Raising a bridge on the Llangollen canal.

Excuse the silence during my recent sojourn in the UK. Internet and I never seemed to coincide. I’ll try to post pics over the next few weeks. It was so beautiful, I took hundreds. I did however manage to keep up with my new exercise goal whilst on this trip, never easy on a family holiday. Lots of country rambles and it turns out that a canal trip can involve almost equal quantities of walking if you wish. A canal boat at top whack only travels at walking speed. On days when I found myself short of steps, I simply hopped off the boat at a lock and walked to the next one! This also allowed for the taking of spectator style pics. The bridges and locks add a little weight training too.

The Chirk Aquaduct

Crossing the Chirk Aquaduct

Here’s an amusing article on how a Fitbit might affect your life.


It isn’t really double knitting? July 7, 2014

The Bubbles DK Scarf

The Bubbles DK Scarf

“It isn’t really double knitting! – I can’t separate the layers!”

This is one of the most common comments I hear from muggle* knitters as they try to separate the layers of two-colour patterned fabric. *A muggle knitter is one is as yet not fully aware of the mysteries and marvels that the parallel universe of DK offers!

You can work DK with entirely separate layers, however, this can only be achieved in single colour DK when making tubes or an open-at-one-edge fabric.
To achieve unconnected layers if using two colours, each one must be used only on one side. The edges can be open or connected.
Whenever you have two-colour DK with a pattern you will join the fabrics at the sides of each colour block. However the middle of each colour block area will be separate – this is what allows the bubbles in my Bubbles Scarf to be stuffed.

I often use the connection of the layers to secure the fabrics together. In my Cape Spear Blanket the area between the big motifs would be entirely unconnected and probably baggy if I didn’t add the bands of chequered turquoise/lime across the width of the design.

Cape Spear DK Blanket (Side B)

Cape Spear DK Blanket (Side B)

Cape Spear DK Blanket (Side A)

Cape Spear DK Blanket (Side A)


For more about double layer knitting try my Double Knitting Delight DVD or my Craftsy class Foundations of Double Knitting.

For further arcana for the initiated, there is my DK Club which offers an ever expanding selection of clips relating to DK


To further illustrate this, look at the red/grey DK swatch on the left.Striped DK fabric, needle removed. photo 3

The same swatch is shown opened up on the right, the vertical pockets are unconnected except at the sides. To create horizontal closures a threaded /quilted colour change is needed. (More another day….)


Faroese Shawl Success! July 2, 2014

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It’s always a debate when writing a pattern, how much information to put it. I try to put in everything you might need, including technique information and options. However, this can backfire, based on the misconception that a long pattern is a complicated pattern. I do wish I could write a ‘cast on and good luck’ style of pattern – it would be so much quicker for me. Thus it is doubly heartwarming when you receive a message like this:

“I’ve had this pattern for a long time, but I’d always been a little (a lot) intimidated by it. I’ve done quite a bit of lace knitting, but somehow the construction of this, with the shoulder ‘pads’ was scary. But after finally frogging another project and getting enough yarn to try it, I sat down and really read the pattern and said, “what the heck?” It was really quite easy, aside from the mass to ride herd on. The only difficulty I had was deciding on the petal trim, whether or not the stitch remaining on the needle after binding off the required stitches was to be counted as one of the nine to be knitted, or not. Turns out, NOT. But frogging back wasn’t bad and after that it was clear sailing and now I have a beautiful shawl to keep me cozy in our cold Colorado winters. Thank you so much for your designs. MS”

BTW This pattern is on sale for half-price this week!

Here’s the lovely result:Faroese Flower Shawl


Canada/Independence Day Online Sale! June 29, 2014

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Our morning ride awaits!

Our morning ride awaits!

I’m just off for a bike ride this morning, I’m going to take advantage of the lovely weather before things heat up too much!  We’ll be riding a different route from our usual one today, enjoying another gorgeous coastal route.  This should be fun!



Canada/Independence Day Online Sale

Canada/Independence Day Online Sale

Before I go, I wanted to update you on my Online Sale starting today and lasting all week.  We’ve dubbed it the “Canada/Independence Day Online Sale”, in honour of North America’s two upcoming National Holidays.  A large number of my downloadable products are on special, including ALL of the “Learn with Lucy” Video Downloads, certain eBooks and Special Sale Bundles, and patterns from every department!  Full details are in my mini-Spun Yarn Newsletter, released late last night.


Happy Stitches, I’ll get back to my own projects after the ride!



Remarkably Easy Holes! (And How to Make One) June 19, 2014

The Mille Feuille Shawl

The Mille Feuille Shawl

If you hadn’t guessed, I’ve been hooked on holes in my knitting for a very long time (ever since the Emperor’s New Scarf – recently knit by the Yarn Harlot). The type of holes used in this scarf are beautiful with their chained outlining, but time consuming and labour intensive.

Hence my new eBook A Little Book of BIG Holes for Hand-knitters, which is devoted to a DIFFERENT kind of hole. MUCH easier and faster.
I’d like to share with you the method I use for making these Holes – they don’t involve binding off or casting on. With just a little practice they become quick and easy. Holes make a fabric grow very fast and save on yarn!
HERE’S HOW A HOLE IS MADE in step-by-step detail.

These versatile Holes may be used as a form of both increase and decrease, for button bands, bag handles  and beautifully decorative, matching cast on and bound off edges!

My book offers 10 patterns using these holes and a very full technique section (60 odd pages) covering the other techniques used in the patterns including cast-on methods, finishing techs, grafting, short rows and much more.


The Kangaroo Bag – uses the Holes for handles and double-layer knitting to create as many integral pockets as you wish. The pattern is written to accommodate a laptop in the main bag, with a large tablet pocket on one side and two (or three) pockets on the other, for a phone, Kindle, earbuds etc! All worked without breaking the yarn!

The many-pocketed Kangaroo bag

The many-pocketed Kangaroo bag

The Perforated Hot Water Bottle Cover – the Holes allow the heat to permeate out whilst protecting the cuddler from burns.

Tancook Hat – the Holey brim of the hat is folded over a contrasting colour to allow the underneath colour to show through. A quick knit-in-a-night hat.

Chinese Lanterns – just for the fun of it!

Mille Feuille Shawl and Scarf – an elegant modified mitered square, with a scarf option to use up the leftovers!

Air Conditioned Gloves – Perfect fingerless gloves for joggers and typists!

Banksia Bag – a perfect beach-bag. The holes allow you to use a lot less yarn than a solid one. The knitters equivalent of a string bag!

Spindrift Scarves – great gift-sized projects with an impressive appearance, ideal for using up oddments of yarns. There are two versions of the stitch pattern for horizontal and vertical scarves.

Almost Saintly Socks – such a pretty sock with my garter stitch short row heel – the pattern is Holey right down the top of the foot, although Holes may be used in the leg only if preferred.

Spindrift Capelet – A little shoulder wrap using short rows Holes of different lengths to give shaping. This would make an awesome skirt too!


We recently polled opinions on printing a paper version of this book and have sadly decided against it. It’s really designed as an eBook with many coloured pictures and clickable links to technique videos, just where you need them.

If you would prefer a personal use paper version I would suggest having one made at a copy shop. Ask for it to be printed double-sided with a spiral binding and transparent covers. To make it more economical, have only the covers printed in colour and the remainder black and white.



“Lucy’s Holes provide clean, precise elegance at any scale and in any position…move over, yarn-overs!”
Cat Bordhi

“One of the first things students learn in art class is all about positive and negative space – how what isn’t present is as important to composition as what is. Here then, Lucy takes the textile artist to school with a wonderful exploration of the places knitting isn’t.  A little book of BIG holes for knitters is inspiring and charming, and as always when Lucy writes, the ornaments, tips and tricks for the rest of your knitting are worth the price of admission alone.”
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee


Spring, the DK Club and a Sale! June 16, 2014

Spring on Tancook Island: my home away from home!

Spring on Tancook Island: my home away from home!


I hope you’ve been enjoying the spring as much as I have this year! My last teaching trip, which took me to Ontario and Saskatchewan,  was a  huge success: I knitted with old friends and new and, happily, had some time to visit with my younger daughter in Toronto.  Upon my return to Nova Scotia, Holly and I headed out to the Island, armed with buckets of paint.  My little Tancook home is certainly becoming a bright oasis!


A bright welcome: my back door is almost colourful enough for me now!

A bright welcome: my back door is almost colourful enough for me now!



In other news, I have uploaded another video to my Double Knitting Technique Club:

In Video #22: Perfect Graft of a Single DK Tube in the Round, I demonstrate a way to invisibly join two ends of a tube using my Perfect Grafting Technique and brightly contrasting waste yarn.

This is a larger version of grafting I-Cords into hoops!


Video #22 of my DK Technique Club.  It's never too late to join this ever-growing Club, and you will have access to all of the Videos filmed and yet-to-be-filmed!

Video #22 of my DK Technique Club. It’s never too late to join my ever-growing Club, and you will have access to all of the Videos filmed and yet-to-be-filmed!



As with all of the DK Club Videos, I have included an accompanying set of Notes.  It includes links to two of my free Youtube Clips, which demonstrate Perfect and Imperfect Grafting in even more detail.  Remember, too, that it’s never too late to join the DK Technique Club!


We have announced our online Canada/Independence Day Sale, which will run from June 29 to July 6, 2014!

This week-long event will feature our downloadable products: you will find discounts on selected Patterns, e-Books, Tutorials and more!  We may even add a few special Sale Bundles to our new Bundles Section at LucyNeatby.com!  Please do check in, you’re sure to find some fantastic deals.

We are also planning a second sale for later in the summer: this one will include shippable products such as yarns, paper patterns and some kits.  We will keep you posted with those dates once they are finalized.

The Little Joey Bag is a clever and quick DK design

The Little Joey Bag is a clever and quick DK design

For today, I wish you Many Happy DK Stitches!



Bundles of Joy June 10, 2014

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Fiesta Party Bundle

Fiesta Party Bundle

I really want you to knit, so am always on the lookout for ways to offer you more value on my website.  My latest brainchild has just been unveiled by our web guru and talented knitter, Corrie.  Bundles are collections of .pdf Patterns, Patterns plus Tutorials or eBooks and related Patterns which we will be offering at a reduced price.


Mysterious Disappearing Dots Bundle

Mysterious Disappearing Dots Bundle


With Bundles, we will be able to put together special deals on collections of downloadable materials. Some Bundles will become a regular offering (such as a pattern paired with its Tutorial), others will be limited-time  special offers.  Our first such special offer, which will be available until the end of this month, is the Cool Socks Bundle, featuring my Cool Socks Warm Feet eBook plus BOTH of the Sock Techniques DVDs in Video Download format!

Cool Socks Bundle

This special Bundle includes my Cool Socks Warm Feet eBook PLUS both of the Sock Techniques DVDs in Video Download format and is available through the month of June 2014.

To purchase a Bundle product, you will have to register for an account on the website (if you don’t yet have one) and log in before purchasing. That way, your patterns, videos or ebooks can be added to your Notebook: patterns to My Patterns, DVD videos to My DVDs, etc.  You can then view them online or download any of these materials at your leisure.  For those of you with data plans, this will save you a lot of grief: wait to download until you’re home at your desktop or laptop!

These are just some of the Bundles currently on offer:

DK Hats Bundle

DK Hats Bundle

The DK Hats Bundle features three of my double-knit hat patterns and the 6-part DK Hats Tutorial!


Sunburst Blanket Bundle

Sunburst Blanket Bundle

The Sunburst Bundle includes the Sunburst Blanket pattern and its accompanying 8-part Tutorial


Equilateral Bundle

Equilateral Bundle

The Equilateral Bundle includes my Equilateral Hat and Opera Bag patterns


These and many more are already available at LucyNeatby.com.  We will be offering more Bundles and will keep you updated whenever there is a new “Special Offer” Bundle for sale!


We hope you will take advantage of our Bundles,

Happy Stitches!



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