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On the Road Once Again March 30, 2009

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The cat is worried: the suitcases are out! The poor animal must live in a semi-permanent state of anxiety, as I frequently re-pack for the next trip as I unpack; the suitcases only truly go into out-of-sight storage before Christmas and over the summer.

I’m heading out on the road once again. After a delightful 2 1/2 weeks of sleeping in my own bed, I’m headed to New England: just a quick, one-laundry trip. As I pack my clothes I make estimations of where I might reasonably hope to liaise with a washing machine. My hosts are very considerate and usually are more than happy to extend their laundry facilities to me (better that than a smelly guest).

I am trying to travel light this trip: one suitcase only. The charges for suitcases are so very perplexing these days; it seems to be largely a matter of luck, which makes choosing flights, budgeting a trip and being fair to one’s hosts very tricky.

The underlying problems with only having one suitcase are twofold: Firstly, if your case is delayed, you are parted from everything, all eggs in one suitcase. Potentially messy! I usually pack half of my knitted samples and clothes in each case to lessen the risk. The other less obvious issue is the segregation of personal and knitting items. Once I have arrived at my destination I usually reorganize my luggage into knitting and personal bags. Thus one doesn’t have to rake through the afore-alluded-to dirty undies, hot water bottle, kettle, tea bags and other personal survival items to produce samples for the workshop. As one frequently has to depart one’s overnight location in the morning, teach all day and then travel, the one bag situation becomes a little complex. It calls for precise packing each time to get everything in. It’s a powerful deterrent to succumbing to any on-trip acquisitions!

I’m now safely and simply arrived in Boston where the weather is distinctly better than in Nova Scotia. Last night I was able to visit with Lisa of the Dolly-Mamas at her store, Elissa’s Creative Warehouse in Needham MA, and discuss some of the final details of their forthcoming DVD. Darlene and Lisa together are the Dolly-Mamas: a social entrepreneurship which raises funds for children’s and women’s causes and also creates sustainable employment for a group of women in Uganda by means of their delightful felted KuKu Dolls.

Lisa came up to NS in icy January for filming (unfortunately Darlene wasn’t able to join us owing to a recently broken limb) and arrived bearing a suitcase full of body parts (for a knitted doll): try explaining that one at the border! Lisa spent the day prior to her filming observing the filming process and made an able assistant when the Dolly-Mamas’ shooting day dawned. Between us we have now filmed the entire birthing process for a knitted felted Lucy doll complete with her Happy Stitch tattoo! It was very exciting for me to be able to bring Lisa the first rough cut of the assembled disc, as she lives very near the Needham Knitting Guild for whom I am currently conducting workshops.

Happy stitches till next time,


One Response to “On the Road Once Again”

  1. Shelley Says:

    I would like to hope Boston does not have snow, as that is what we have this very minute.
    I hope you are enjoying the trip thus far, and you have a great time introducing people to all the fun things knitting has to offer.
    As for the suitcase, I saw a case that would do wonderfully for you, You unzip the top, then about half way down there is another zipper going right around so you can zipper off and have a concealed portion (the lower half), and if for what ever reason you want access to the lower half without disturbing the upper half, you can flip the suitcase over and open it from the “bottom”. I saw it at Bentleys, if I remember correctly.
    Happy Travels & happy stitches,

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