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The Civility of Train Travel April 3, 2009

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Well, this has sofar been a fun trip, covering quite a variety of forms of transport: on Monday it was a Greyhound bus from Boston to Springfield MA (which was great), and now it’s Thursday afternoon and I’m taking a meandering trip by train along the banks of an overbrimming Connecticut River in the early spring sunshine. I love train travel; it is so civilized (lacking, as it does, the ever stressful airline check-in, followed by the double whammy of airport security).

Have you noticed these days that it is very difficult to determine which airline you are flying with? The flights are all multiple code-share. Recently I was on a flight that mentioned five different airlines! Of course, I always pick the wrong desk to try checking in at, and after all the queueing they inform you that actually you need to be at XYZ in Terminal (pick any one that is on the opposite end of the airport).

The most challenging part of train travel with large luggage is climbing aboard, but even that was assisted by willing and friendly AMTRAK staff. Once aboard, I am now able to stretch out and work on my laptop (reformatting workshop notes and writing this) with an available power source whilst taking in the scenery. The vista is still rather brown and grubby in its spring thaw state, but it certainly reveals an interesting slice of life. I’m on my way from the knitting mecca that is WEBS in Northampton. Whilst there, I was shown the other two behind-the-scenes warehouses that are not open the public. Believe me the ‘little’ store room with the cones and bags of yarn out beyond the store is as nothing to these spaces!

Whilst I was briefly in Boston South station, I had a brief rendezvous with the extraordinary Double Knitter Alasdair of Falling Blox: very inspiring. He brought along a couple of his hats and they truly are masterworks. This set me thinking that I need to retire in order to play with more ideas. Living on the road is death to creativity. Alasdair teaches a series of graduated DK classes in the north east: take one if you are into double layer knitting. I can only imagine how our meeting must have looked to a casual onlooker as we sat at a table in the station, raking though suitcases and bags full of knitting and chatting very intensely (we only had half and hour and a lot to discuss)!

Until next time, happy stitches to all,


3 Responses to “The Civility of Train Travel”

  1. Hmmmm! train travel! It brings back childhood memories. I remember always being very excited about the prospect. Unfortunately flying supplanted train travel, for speed and convenience I guess, but certainly not for comfort. I do long for the days when one could travel to anywhere by train.

    I’m happy you had a good time 🙂

  2. alwen Says:

    Oh, good, you and Alasdair got to talk!

    I met him via the Yahoo double knitting group I started – amazing knitter – and other knitters who joined that group directed me to your work.

    All I can say is thank goodness for the internet and all this fascinating work being shared and ideas cross-pollinating each other. I love it with a passionate passion.

  3. Melissa Says:

    Happy birthday, Lucy! From one of your former students, and a fan!

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