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From Manhattan to Tancook! April 13, 2009

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This week has flown by and taken me from one extreme to another. Last Saturday I successfully concluded the workshops held at Knitting Central in Westport, CT. The workshops were held next door, in the rear section of a jewelry store (another teaching location first to add to the list which already includes Chinese restaurants, bookstores, trains, boats and planes) which was beautifully appointed with wonderful ethnic rugs (another weakness of mine). I often feel uncomfortable leaving my knitted samples and teaching equipment anywhere overnight: however, it felt quite safe to leave everything in a jewelry store overnight!

Knitting Central is a stylish and comprehensive upper-end store with leopard print carpet (looks great, BTW) with classy yarns and with amazing, totally empowered staff who are all encouraged by the owner, Cynthia, to get into designing, teaching and writing or to take these to the next level; this leads to a very positive and high energy level in the service the customers receive.

Cynthia and Rick (BTW, he’s a knitter too) kindly took me into Manhattan with them on the Saturday night so that we would be handy for my early flight home next morning. (It’s my major gripe about living on the east coast: it’s almost impossible to get home after a workshop, as we shut down earlier than the rest of the world).

I always feel weird when in Manhattan; here I am, total country mouse. I look around at all the people out and about, the thousands of taxis, which are used in preference to a one’s own car: once you have a parking spot you keep it! Talking of which, I saw vehicles parked so closely that surely they must have been lifted into place. Or, maybe NY vehicles have bow and stern thrusters as large cargo ships often do, so that they can slide sideways? It’s a mystery to me.

Possibly the sight that impressed me the most occurred early on Sunday morning on my way to the airport: we turned onto an avenue (or maybe it was a street) and ahead of us were what looked like 50 sets of red traffic lights. Not only was the road straight (not something I am accustomed to,) but to my amazement each light turned green as we reached it! This may not sound particularly earth-shattering, but if you have ever driven in Halifax or Dartmouth it appears that traffic lights exist only to impede traffic flow not aid it!

Once home, I went through my usual process of re-entry into the domestic atmosphere and began my packing for my next trip; it is easier to unpack and repack the basics straightaway. I had been hoping that the Brand New Knitter proof DVD would be awaiting me but it’s not here yet. The week was spent sorting out the paperwork and orders from this trip, getting up to speed in the office and prepping for my first overnight stay on Tancook Island, planned for Friday and Saturday nights.

It was a dash, but Friday morning saw three of us setting off for the Tancook ferry in a cheery little car crammed with tote boxes of food and equipment, and a flat-pack bookshelf strapped to the roof.

More on our exciting first night on the island in the next installment! Stay tuned.


Thanks tor all who sent birthday greetings: a great morale raiser when you have to be away from home for your birthday!


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