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Back on the road… April 20, 2009

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Back on the road again. The suitcases are packed and hopefully are in the hold below me. What a crazy week, but it is amazing how productive one can be when time is running out! The pre-departure days are always hectic and this time doubly so, as Susan also had to leave town this week, on a mercy dash out west for two weeks; this leaves Dawne with her finger in the dike.

Now Dawne is amazing, but this is not a straightforward business we are running here. We do mail order, we retail, we manufacture, we wholesale and maintain background support for me whilst I’m on the road and we are in the throes of the final stages of DVD edits, covers, discs and indexes and all of the above in two currencies! Good luck, Dawne.

I’m glad that I combine visits to create a knitting tour: One departure for six destinations on this trip! The packing is pretty much the same no matter how many stops one is making. It has been challenging this time to be thinking about warmer weather; having recently watched snow fall here, it is hard even to envisage this and I always forget what clothes I use in warmer weather.

This week has seen a flurry of deadline projects, all of which seemed to arrive back in my lap on the day before departure. The most exciting of these was the second run-through of the nearly done Brand New Knitter disc. Peter has done a great job: only one or two little adjustments required now, including putting the smile on a couple of stitches. I always suffer from the desire to ‘call it done’ at this stage – how important can a capitalization in a text caption really be? I hate the hassle of noting it, sending in the edits and putting someone else to so much trouble for such a little thing. But, I have learned over the years and through the influence of really excellent editors, that no detail is too small to ignore and there will always be those that duck under the radar, no matter how hard we all try: those we will just have to live with. We are particularly militant on the spelling of ‘knitting’ these days!

This year I managed, by great good fortune, to catch both bloomings of my amaryllis (before and after my last trip), but this time around I’m hoping that I won’t miss the daffodils (although that is unlikely: spring takes a very long time here). But what I will miss is the whole of Holly’s brief visit home from university. She’s been away since Jan 4th and can only get home for a week, before she starts work back in Ontario. George will still be home for a couple more weeks when I get back, so I will experience the sea change that the first year of university and suffering brings about.

My greatest concern is the change that three weeks will bring about with Kathleen. She is now in palliative care in a hospital in Halifax. After the trauma of moving from home to hospital, she has adjusted with amazing grace and she is receiving wonderful care in a cheerful room with the most amazing, dedicated and caring staff and is constantly surrounded by a stream of friends. I hope I’ll be able to visit with her again.


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