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On the road some more.. April 25, 2009

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On the road some more ..

It’s Friday again: I’m now a week into my tour and have just arrived at my third location. I’ve now got slightly less than two weeks to go and three more places to visit. I’m currently rocking and rolling on the highway (the wind is strong and hot) in an airport shuttle from Kansas City airport (yes, Dorothy, I was here last Friday too), but this time I’m headed to Wildflower Knits in Manhattan (KS).

We’ve just passed the turn-off for Lawrence, KS, which to all fiber aficionados is equivalent to Mecca (the redoubtable and comprehensive Yarn Barn of Kansas is based there). It is hard to be whisked past without a visit. Although I must confess that I visited there on an earlier trip a few years ago. Here is the advantage of visiting knitting guilds: your many hosts are usually very willing, nay keen even, to take you to their favorite local haunts (textile and otherwise). This is how I’ve been lucky enough to see some of the real local treasures.

After much flat and happily greening countryside we now seem to be in gently rolling terrain. I wish I had a map; it’s always one of my first requests when I arrive somewhere. Ah, we are pulling in to Topeka, state capitol apparently, judging by the beautiful domed building. I could check my geography on my I-phone, by it’s tricky to get the big picture, and I tend to be a little stingy on data usage when I’m away from my home turf (of course there I know where I am).

This week has been a crazy schedule of classes; I’ve taught five days out of the seven/eight that I’ve been gone. But you know, if I’m on the road I’d rather be busy, as long as there is enough time to eat and sleep. Just recently I was at a lovely little store, Knitknack, in Maplegrove, NJ with a very enthusiastic core group of knitters and dedicated store staff. It’s a very creative approach to providing professional education for everyone! As the store was well filled, all available wall space was lavishly covered with wool, so they came up with a neat and inexpensive solution to providing me with a projection screen: they attached a large window roller-blind to the ceiling! I do wonder how I used to teach without the aid of DVD clips!

Nearly arrived now, hopefully there will be time for a quick bite to eat before the evening social event.


3 Responses to “On the road some more..”

  1. meera Says:

    hi Lucy, we had a great time hosting you at Knitknack in Maplewood NJ. come back soon!!

  2. Marty Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful workshop in Manhattan KS! Your work is inspiring. Hope you made it through the storms back to KCI safely.

  3. Marty Says:

    What a fabulous workshop in Manhattan KS! Thanks so much for sharing such inspiration. Hope you made it through the big storms to KCI safely.

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