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Greetings from California May 3, 2009

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Greetings from a showery CA. This trip is becoming memorable for its tornadoes, thunderstorms and the threat of swine flu.

My time in Manhattan, KS, was accompanied by truly bizarre weather: very strong, very hot winds on my arrival, which later resolved themselves into a band of tornadoes on Sunday. We were under a tornado-watch during the Double Knitting class in the afternoon. It is ever so distracting to do a class with everyone’s ears also tuned for the tornado sirens, all this in a hotel which had no designated window-free storm shelter. We determined that the safest retreat location was likely to be the washroom; fortunately we did not have to put our theory to the test!

Bright and early Monday morning I headed to the airport , trusting that the tornadoes had cleared the area, although the air still seemed unsettled. Imagine my chagrin when my flight to Dallas was abruptly cancelled: not delayed, but simply expunged about 20 mins before departure time owing to severe weather (in the form of thunderstorms) around Dallas. By the time I was able to rebook, it was onto a flight at 1500 hours (thank goodness they had many scheduled flights to Dallas that day). I decided to go back out through security (there are few amenities on the secure side of the airport) and make merry using the excellent free internet at the airport (Thank you KCI). Although I did lose my portion of free time for the day, it was at least well spent working on my next Spunyarn newsletter. (You may sign up for Spunyarn on my website.)

Mid-week was spent in Texas with the Woolie Ewe, which was a treat, as usual. Those folks are delightfully crazy and the store was very busy. We had a full house for our mid-week workshops. In Dallas I was met by my good knitting buddy Mary and her daughter. Mary had decided to combine some time visiting her family and meeting up with me in Frisco. This was a lovely bonus, but it left me very confused because I usually meet up with Mary in CA, so I had a hard time accepting that I was in TX not CA (the number of barbeque joints should have given me a clue): travels of this length and complexity do lead one to become very disoriented both geographically and about the time of the year (sometimes I have to think quite hard to remember if it is spring or fall)! Having spoken to other travelers, I believe I am not alone in this strange sensation.

Today I’m just outside of Sacramento. The thunderstorms cleared overnight, costing me a lot of sleep (I am sure the thunder was much louder than at home), before I had to fly, but not affecting my flights. Now it’s the swine flu scare that is getting to me as I get closer to the Mexican border. It is hard to know what to do; handwashing and caution, fine, but what if I were to develop a simple cold? Would I find myself locked up? Wish me luck: I really would like to get home on Wed!

Until next time,


2 Responses to “Greetings from California”

  1. glenn Says:

    wow, what an adventure this has been for you thus far! I highly recommend the movie Planes, Trains & Automobiles, although you may find yourself thinking “been there done that”

  2. Noreen Says:

    My condolences on the death of your friend. I have I been quite touched by your brief accounts of her passage in the newsletters,

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