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Homeward bound! May 12, 2009

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It’s Wednesday! I made it through alive and kicking: I’m heading homewards today. I thought that once I left the sea I wouldn’t ever feel so enthusiastic about the term ‘homeward bound’. After six months on a ship sailing around the world, the anticipation of being relieved by a replacement crew member was enormous. The prospect of catching the ‘big steam chicken’ or ‘freedom bird’ home was huge; it truly was a relief.

Although not quite that desperate after three weeks, the constantly moving on to new locations makes these trips tough on me. I don’t do change very well; I much prefer to settle. That, in fact, was the wonderful thing about being at sea: for all the distance you travelled and ports you visited, you were like a snail, carrying your home from home with you. There were a few times when ashore in a foreign port, when it was an immense relief to be able to see the silhouette of my vessel waiting in the distance. Leisure cruising has many of these wonderful aspects, so I can see why people enjoy it. I’m doing an Alaska trip with Craft Cruises in May next year; I just can’t resist going north again!

Another aspect of seafaring that gave a certain level of comfort was having my life organized for me: if there was problem domestic, medical or travel related, there were whole departments devoted to resolving those issues for me. Due to some unfortunate experiences over the past year, I am slightly paranoid about checking dates and times of flights these days; the cost of an error in any of these areas is a big hit for a small business and not easy to resolve whilst on the road, and there’s nobody to do it for me!

I finally hit a bit of delightful warm weather for 24 hours whilst in Riverside, CA. All this trip I had expected to encounter some sun and warm temperatures and had packed accordingly, instead I was very glad to have my one pair of long trousers and multitude of sweaters.
I bumped into a couple of friends on my way through Toronto airport: one a knitter on her way to visit her parents in Canada (we had unknowingly been on the same flight from Denver), and the other, a neighbour, now moved away, whom I had not seen for many years!

Till next time keep your stitches smiling,


One Response to “Homeward bound!”

  1. Diana Says:

    Welcome home.

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