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My how time flies! May 24, 2009

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Time is flying by this week and I was short-changed by Monday being a public holiday: I always resent the loss of a working day. Sad. Victoria Day was a typical NS May holiday weekend: cold, foggy, and then downright wet all three days! On Saturday I did manage to ride though, before the monsoon set in. Sunday afternoon saw Kathleen’s memorial celebration, which was lovely; she had so many friends from all walks of life. There were many people there that I knew, but I had no idea that they had a connection with Kathleen. She would have loved to have been there.

On the gloomy Monday, my daughter pinned me in the office (she truly could herd cats) and forced me to explore the dark inner recesses of many a drawer and shelf. This was in the nature of an interesting archeological exploration: it was surprising to see how the nature of our business had changed over the years. We have well and truly moved into the electronic age. We used to use real cut and paste with scissors and glue in the early days (it was about 13 to 14 years ago that I started knitting as a business) and I have huge paper files of original diagrams and charts all carefully preserved. I am enjoying the fruits of my experiments with Adobe Illustrator these days (heartfelt thanks to www.lynda.com), after eighteen months. I now have an ever growing library of cast-on techniques, grafting methods, beading diagrams and so on, all on hand and easily editable for use in patterns and workshop notes. In the long run it should take up a lot less space.

This week is the run-up to the Galapagos trip. I still don’t really believe that I am going anywhere exotic. so have put my snorkel by my bedside to convince myself. I’m still working on the notes every night and most mornings, and during office hours handling all the many and various queries relating to the last-minute editing minutiae for the DVDs. Fingers crossed for completion before close of play on Friday. Then I’ll be able to pack! Our weather here continues crazy, it’s been the usual cool damp May weather (that we mentally choose to selectively forget each year), with a frost last night, but at last the sun is shining and it’s supposed to shoot up to 30 Celsius tomorrow (mindblowingly hot for us). Even today, the house is chilly and I exited heavily clad with blue finger tips and then had to undress in order to get into the car. I am expecting Quito to be cool like it was yesterday. So if it is warm tomorrow, I’ll wash my Quito clothes. (I do have more than one set of clothing but I become comfortable in a certain set of clothes and tend to wear them repeatedly, not unlike like a uniform, until a weather change dictates something new.)

I’m going to wrap this up so that I can start preparing for departure the day after tomorrow. Not sure how the internet situation will be in Ecuador, but I’ll keep writing and post when I can.


One Response to “My how time flies!”

  1. tmarie Says:

    Thanks, Lucy! I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to update us on your adventurous life. I’m looking forward to hearing about the Galapagos trip and REALLY eager for the DVDs to arrive.

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