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Independence Day in Quito May 26, 2009

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Slept soundly and staggered out just in time to catch the last of breakfast in a delightful old-fashioned courtyard. Haven’t quite got the tea situation under control yet, but have found the source of the purified water for refilling water bottles. The hotel has a definite anti-plastic green theme which is very refreshing.

coca tea

I met up with several of our fellow Adventure Knitters who have gathered from as far afield as New Zealand, Idaho, California, British Columbia, Illinois, New York, Texas, Ontario, as well as quite a gang from Nova Scotia.

Apparently today is Independence Day, warranting a huge crowd in the nearby plaza eagerly awaiting the arrival of a number of South American Presidents. What should one not do as a tourist? Stand in a large crowd in the equatorial noonday sun! So guess what we did? For a place that was supposed to be no warmer than Halifax, it was certainly cozy. After a number of presenting arms displays and brief bursts of music from brass bands we gave up hope of witnessing the Big Event before heat stroke set in.

Independence Day


We went back to the hotel for a delicious lunch of very Ecuadorian dishes. We then sallied forth for a look at an extraordinary church with Moorish overtones and more gold leaf than I knew ever existed! Back to the hotel for coca tea and delicious deserts. The evening was spent at a roof-top cafe watching the illuminated churches and the sprawl of Quito as far as the eye could see. Thence back to a lovely bed!

a view from the roof


One Response to “Independence Day in Quito”

  1. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time! I am very happy for you.

    I tried so hard to book a class with you at the sock summit, but alas, there were glitches and by the time I was able to register, your classes were full. 😦 It will be for another time I guess.

    Continue having a great time!

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