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Modified Conventional Bind Off July 31, 2009

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Knitting Idea…….I dislike binding off.  Or to be more precise, I dislike the actions involved in the regular ‘pass first st over the second’ method. If you feel the same, try this idea instead!

Modified Conventional Bind Off

This gives a looser edge and is faster and smoother to work (especially on a purl row) than the usual ‘lift stitch over’ method.  The path of the yarn is no different to that of the normal bound off edge.  This method can be used in most circumstances, once you have had a little practice.

On a Knit Row _ K1, * slip the tip of the LHN purlwise into the new st pointing towards the back of the work, keep the needle in this position whilst you put the tip of RHN knitwise (as usual) into the next st to be worked. (The needle should stick out at the back between the second and first sts, forcing the two sts to form an X on the needle). Throw the yarn as for a normal knit st, bring the loop through both sts in turn (between the legs of the X at the front of the needle). Repeat from *.

On a Purl Row _ P1, ** slip the tip of the LHN purlwise into the new st, slip the tip of the RHN purlwise into the next st to be worked, p2t.  Repeat from **.


8 Responses to “Modified Conventional Bind Off”

  1. Sarah Says:

    This was my first favorite thing I learned from one of your DVDs (there have been quite a few favorite things), and I’ve never gone back to the old way since. Thank you for that!

  2. Wow! I saw this today on one of Lucy’s patterns and couldn’t quite wrap my brain around the illustrations (didn’t have time to really study it), but this is FABULOUS. Thank you so much!

  3. penny Says:

    Sounds Great!!!
    I am going to try it right now!!! Thanks!!!

  4. Liz Staats Says:

    I saw this bind off the other day and was glad to find your site. I’ll be trying this on my current project when I get finished.

  5. Marlene Says:

    I learned the modified conventional bind off as follows: k2* pass first st over second but do not take it off the left needle. knit the third st and slip both off the needle together* repeat between *s

  6. Vickie Says:

    Found your blog looking for examples of this bind-off. I saw it in one of your videos which I think are outstanding.

  7. gwennoki Says:

    Hi Lucy–I took 2 days of your classes through the Sand and Sea. You are by far a great teacher and I loved all of the techniques you taught us, especially the ssk, which I am using now and the new bind off which is much more pleasant than the usual method. I have purchased 5 of your dvds and several patterns. Thanks so much!


  8. […] from a class with Lucy Neatby, where she learned many cool tips and tricks, including Lucy’s Modified Conventional Bindoff. Check out the link; it’s ingenious and looser than the conventional bindoff. Thanks, […]

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