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Sock Summit 09 – Extraordinary students August 10, 2009

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The students here have been extraordinary! Having survived the onslaught of the tussle with the other 30,000 would-be registrants to obtain a place they are truly dedicated to extracting every morsel of information they can glean. Their skill level has been very high, already being masters of any kind of needle, dpns or circs has enabled them to be high flyers.

There have a wide array of associated events, working on the worlds largest sock, the Sock Hop , the Guinness Book of Records attempt to gather the largest number of people knitting simultaneously (aiming to beat the 250 ish from Australia) which providing we have satisfied the onerous requirements for qualification, we should have utterly smashed. In order for the knitting to qualify it was necessary to knit on STRAIGHT needles only for 15 minutes. The real challenge around here was to find enough sets of straight needles with knobs!



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