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Sock Summit 09 – the last day dawns August 10, 2009

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As the last day of the Summit dawns I expect the students and attendees will be a little weary today. Stephanie and Tina and their team should be VERY proud – the event organization has been superlative. From the perspective of the Vendors, Students and speaking as a Teacher everyone is agreed that we have never attended a better run event. Many folks have volunteered their help to assist Vendors with loading and finding their way around, as a teacher I have never had so much help or been better looked after and all the prior communications were delightful and efficient.

Time is running short now – I have to pack and leave the hotel before class today – I am offering three one-hour classes on the Sock Toe Chimney technique this morning before the Luminary panel this afternoon. The one hour classes are designed to allow as many students as possible to have a little time with teachers they might otherwise not have been able to sign up for. Then somehow I have to become luminous for this afternoon. I admit to being rather intimidated by being in such exalted company and cannot think of what I will have to say!

One enterprising yarn company, Periwinkle Sheep has taken the time to dye a yarn to express the essence of each of the Luminaries, mine is as you might imagine a wonderful pink confection. In order to honour this event I made sure that my hair was especially pink.

Portland as a city has been a great place to host this event – the MAX train is a great way to get about and it’s a really neat city. I did receive a wonderful compliment the other night as I walked to the Sock Hop, as I passed by a couple of teenage skateboarders under a street light, one of them turned to me a said in tones of awe “Your hair really kicks arse!”

Thank you – you made my already brim full day!



4 Responses to “Sock Summit 09 – the last day dawns”

  1. Donna Murray Says:

    Thanks for giving those of us who couldn’t be there a glimpse of the Sock Summit experience!

  2. I took your Double Knitting for Socks class on Friday and wanted to reiterate what a treat it was! My 6-year-old can’t wait for me to make him a pair of socks with a pocket on the side to hold a little Lego guy! 🙂
    Thank you again for a wonderful class and being part of such an inspiring Summit!

  3. JoLynn Says:

    I certainly enjoyed the adventure of Sock Summit.
    I got home, late last night. I did put a few SS 09 photos on my blog, today.
    Was nice to see you in Portland.

  4. Jenni Says:

    I was blessed to be at SS this year, and was there for the Luminary panel. I truly enjoyed listening to what you had to say – very funny, but very insightful as well.

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