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Sock Summit 09 – It’s all over and it was amazing fun! August 11, 2009

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It’s all over, but it was amazing fun. Who knows if we will ever see the like again? It would be a hard act to follow but if anyone can do it it would be Stephanie and Tina. The whole event was coordinated by a team of six and many delightful volunteers. Apparently other conventions of a similar magnitude are usually run by at least twenty people. Does that prove that one determined knitter (with a point to prove) is equal to four normal mortals?

I suspect that S&T (Stephanie and Tina) will require a fair bit of recovery time to get over this event, catch up with their real work and hopefully they can bask in a rosy glow for a little while.

I’m headed out on the red eye tonight for NS and a little more fog. Maybe summer will have arrived along with our new shipment of Kauni colours.
I have enough yarn to play with to keep me busy designing for a year – I need to retire so that I can get some work done!

Happy stitches,


8 Responses to “Sock Summit 09 – It’s all over and it was amazing fun!”

  1. Lucy, thank you so much for your updates.
    It was really wonderful to get a glimpse.. and you sat next to Barbara Walker!!!

  2. karin Says:

    Thank you Lucy for your tremendous kindness. I will never forget it.

  3. pamelamama Says:

    I used your twined bind off on a hat today — I need to knit about 30 of them for my kindergarten class and I add variations to each. It came out awesome!! I mis-calculated the repeat to get it to end up properly, but even so it looks gorgeous! When I have a photo I’ll pass it along. THANKS! You’re a great teacher and it was great to see you at sock summit!

    (It’s this hat: http://www.woolywonder.com/patternpages/keppie.pdf)

  4. Shelly H Says:

    All of your socks are marvelous, but the Mermaid socks are my favorites. Is the pattern for sale individually or only in the book Cool Socks Warm Feet and in issue 4 of The Knitter Magazine?

    • Hi Shelly,
      We don’t really advertise it but we can sell this design as a loose pattern for $6. We double checked all the patterns in Cool Socks Warm Feet by releasing them as loose patterns before the book was completed. Thanks, Lucy

      • Shelly H Says:

        Please let me know if I can pay this via pay pal or what method you prefer and how you will send the pattern, by electronic transmission or mail, etc. You may contact me directly at tink1944 at comcast dot net. I’m very pleased to be able to buy this pattern.

      • Shelly,
        You’ll be receiving a PayPal invoice.

        Happy Stitches,

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Lucy: SS09 was absolutely wonderful. I’m so glad I got to see you again… and yet… I look at these pictures and think OMG – Lucy got to sit next to Barbara Walker! That’s wonderful. I hope to see you again soon in Westport, CT. We all adore you here. Happy stitches, Jennifer

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