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DVDs, Summer Sale and the Bird Wars August 18, 2009

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Vacation Vortex, Summer Sale and Bird Wars
I had hoped that both test discs for the Brand New Knitter and Knitting Venus 2 DVDs would have been here and checked before I arrived back from the Sock Summit. Yet again I was disappointed. Apparently we have fallen victim to the vacation vortex of small businesses, everyone takes it in turn to go away, rendering any job that requires two particular parties almost impossible to achieve.

BUT the latest news on the DVD production saga is “The test disc for the first job (D***** didn’t mention which volume it is) was shipped to Halifax Friday tonight. The master for the second project is expected to be ready on Tuesday and shipped that evening.” With luck, we should get our hands on the disc today and IF all is well manufacture should take about two weeks. Fingers crossed.

Bird Wars!
It’s been an interesting year at our bird feeder. Our crowning pleasure has been spectating as a pair of Cardinals have successfully raised three chicks. This was the first year we have even seen a Cardinal around here and that alone is a joy. Not only is the male BRIGHT cardinal red with a mohawk crest (pretty stylish), but their song is gloriously melodic making it easy on the ears and easy to pick out their song. For quite a while the male would cruise in and feed to be followed later by the female. Imagine our delight when we saw Dad flitting to and fro to a nearby tree and apparently feeding three ‘sparrows’, these dull brown offspring gradually coloured up, grew fat and developed their crests, eventually graduating to feeding with Dad at the feeder. We never saw Mum taking the kids out! Taking a little alone time I hope. We hope that they are now working on a second batch as the male is back to feeding solo again.

Cardinal family at the birdfeeder.

Cardinal family at the birdfeeder.

Where there is free food, there are always freeloaders. For years we have had two semi-resident pigeons. These two would hang out on the gutter cooing gently and tidying up fallen seed from the feeder on the lawn below. Then someone blabbed.

Now we have a gang of 12, that roost menacingly on our neighbor’s roof (reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds). In addition to the exponential increase in numbers, one of the newcomers, evidently not a bird-brain, worked out how to fly up from the ground and perch on the feeder and promptly taught the others. Three pigeons simultaneously on a small bird feeder is quite a sight (unfortunately I forgot to take a photo being too busy shooing them away), they are voracious and scare off the small birds for whom we were aiming to cater. We have tried all sorts of measures, adding sticks and string to the lawn to impede their vertical take off approach to the feeder. We’ve added thin bamboo poles all around the feeder to make the approach more difficult, it’s beginning to look like demented Asian scaffolding. The pigeons are adapting well to the challenges.

Our other thief is of course an audacious squirrel, and we were amazed to catch him in the act making his approach from above and then hanging from his tail and hind feel whilst lifting the lid of the feeder for unfettered access to the mother-lode of seeds. Impressive athleticism.

An athletic squirrel!

An athletic squirrel!

Summer has arrived here in NS at last, with simmering temperatures, 31 celsius for us is huge. It serves to remind me that I do not function at over 27c! However we are valiantly preparing for our big summer Merino clearance next Saturday (August 22nd). See the website for details of our week long web special (August 24 – 30th). Details of the web specials will be posted soon.


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