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Furniture Move to the Island August 31, 2009

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I’ve been collecting chairs and miscellaneous items for the cottage and gradually turning our mainland sitting room into a warehouse. When you then add in the 1100 defective DVDs awaiting repacking and the freshly returned slightly damp camping equipment, not a lot of sitting is currently being done in this room.  I have been exporting goods one Mini-full at a time, don’t scoff, you can squeeze a surprising amount into one with a little determination, but not a a two seater settee.

We loaded Sam’s truck full of goods, lashed it all down firmly and thankfully the weather Gods are smiled on our endeavor, it was only foggy with no rain forecast for the day and  we headed for the ferry. Although it is possible to book one vehicle onto the ferry with prior notice, this option wasn’t available to us for our chosen day, so Sam and I loaded it all into a cattle box on the quayside. I am sure it was much easier than trying to persuade a reluctant steer into this crate.

Arrangements had been made to borrow a truck (now with all four wheels fairly firmly attached) which was waiting for us on the island dock. Once our box of goods had been unloaded from the ferry we then transferred them to the truck and made our way gingerly around the potholes (for fear of loosing furniture rather than wheels this time).

Now I think it’s time for some colour on the walls!

The latest news on the new DVD titles is that the test disc for the Brand New Knitter title has been received and it is working beautifully. Yeah! We are now able to have these manufactured. Hopefully we should have the real discs within 2 weeks.

However there has been yet another slight hiccup with Venus 2:   “heard from D. on Sunday. they were having a problem with a corrupt video header, which they are fixing. I have made new copies for them in the event they need them. Just waiting to hear if they have corrected the problem.”

We will overcome! We’re knitters.



6 Responses to “Furniture Move to the Island”

  1. Annette Sheringo Says:

    Couldn’t help but notice the Dolly Mama on the side ,where can I get this darling ? Is there a pattern? Have searched Ravelry and no luck yet…
    Enjoyed reading about your moving!

    • Annette,

      There are quite a few lovely dolls in the Dolly Mamas family. You can find out all about them here.

      Happy Stitches,

      • Annette Sheringo Says:

        I can hardly wait for the DVD, will you be offering it?

      • Annette,

        We will be selling the Dolly-Mamas Kuku Dolls DVD. They have been shipped from the factory and we are expecting them soon. We also have 3 Lucy doll kits in stock.

        Keep your stitches smiling,

  2. Lenora Says:

    Life is always a marvelous adventure! So nice to know that you can sit comfortably at the cottage. Deep breathing over the dvd situation is appropriate.

  3. Fredda Says:

    What a fun adventure! You’ve worked hard, now you can rest and create. Enjoy!

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