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A Knitting Thought to Ponder September 4, 2009

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Re-examine your knitting style.  Once we have mastered the art of keeping our stitches on the needles, knitting and purling, we tend to move on to grander things.  Our thoughts are too lofty and absorbed to critique our style of working.

As nervous new knitters we tend to keep our stitches well back from the needle tips to avoid the hideous disaster of loosing a stitch.  Perhaps it is now time to allow yourself to work nearer to the abyss.  Keeping the stitches nearer to the needle tips can reduce the amount of arm, hand or finger movement required and reduce distortion between the stitches.

Also ensure that you never exceed the full size of the needle in a stitch.  For example when decreasing, there is a stage where both needles are engaged in the stitches.  You should be on the tapered section of both needles.  (This is easier on some brands of needles than others.)  Any time that you have both needles stuffed into a stitch or stitches some extra yarn is stolen from the neighbouring stitch, leading to big-and-little stitch syndrome!

Think like a piece of yarn and be kind to your stitches.



3 Responses to “A Knitting Thought to Ponder”

  1. punkin Says:

    A helpful ponder.

  2. I like thinking like a piece of yarn :-}
    Most days I’m a nice fluffy single, but some days I’m plied a bit on the tight side. LOL

  3. Denise Says:

    Just found your blog and love all the information! Thank you!

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