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Red Letter Shipping Day September 4, 2009

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The Brand New Knitter discs arrived yesterday! Yes!!! After months of messing around and anxiously waiting, we finally received 1000 discs on spools.

Sue and I got right down to work shipping our pre-paid orders; those customers that have ordered Venus 2 will receive that later in a separate mailing.
The first stage in getting ready to ship was to repack each of the discs into the empty cases. Naturally this fell on the first day of school in Nova Scotia, therefore there was no student workforce immediately available! So, I began the task of packing the discs whilst Susan (Queen of the Spreadsheet) began preparing the envelopes. It is such a relief to have functioning DVDs to send out, that it almost makes the packing a pleasure.

Today we hope to have all the remaining pre-orders in the mail and start on the wholesale ones. For those of you attending Stitches Midwest next weekend in Schaumburg, IL, there should be a few copies of the new discs available from the following exhibitors:Yarn Barn of Kansas, Village Spinning and Weaving, and Yarns By Design.

Today is also packing day for my youngest daughter, she and a friend are heading back to university in Ontario with a U-Haul trailer early tomorrow. Chaos reigns here!


2 Responses to “Red Letter Shipping Day”

  1. fibercrone Says:

    What about Venus 1? Will that be shipped later with Venus 2?

    • We have started shipping out the Knitting Venus 1 and Brand New Knitter DVDs. Those of you who pre-ordered via the newsletter will see them in your mailbox soon..
      We are still waiting for Knitting Venus 2; it should arrive here soon.

      Happy stitches,

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