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The DVD Shenanigans Continue September 14, 2009

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The DVD Shenanigans Continue

Just when we thought we were getting out of the woods with the DVD production issues of 2009 a new and exciting variation on the mental torture has arisen.

As you may know, now that the Brand New Knitter has now been successfully re-manufactured (by a different replication house) and repacked (by me) and was at last ready for shipping, thus we decided the time was come to release the Venus 1 discs too. We had very few orders for Venus 1 alone so we sat on this disc for a bit hoping we could ship it when the other two were ready, thinking this would be sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately the blame game and summer vacation intervened to make the other two discs available later than we’d hoped.

Last week we decided that since we had the Brand New Knitter we would ship everything except Knitting Venus 2 to at least get some of this off our plate and have some happy customers who would finally see some of their discs.

Knitting Venus 1 arrived from the original manufacturer a while ago and all the discs we tested here worked fine. This should have been a very simple replication job as this disc is a single layer disc and presents no particular production challenge.

We were very soon to find out that this was not the case. Since we have started shipping the discs out we have had complaints from several customers and Tradewinds staff that their discs do not play well or even at all.


Yet, other customers and Tradewinds staff are reporting that their discs are working fine and they are loving the contents and it looks like another wonderful DVD.

The manufacturer tells us that this is impossible!  The discs are all pressed from one glass master, and therefore they should all work or all not work. This is not our reality and as we’ve tested a faulty disc and a working disc on the same computers and found the faulty one does not work on any computer and the working disc works on all our computers, we now have to prove to them that there really is an error.

We’d greatly appreciate your help in this matter:

Please check your disc at your earliest convenience and report back to us. If your disc works fine, we would still like to know. This information will help us to gauge the scale of the problem and improve our case in fighting with the manufacturer.

Should you have a faulty disc, we will take care of you!

If you report a disc as working and it subsequently proves recalcitrant we won’t cut you off (we are not Big Business and simply want happy customers and stitches).


1. Please hang on to the disc and case.

2. Let us know by email (info@lucyneatby.com), phone (1 (866) 272-7796) or by carrier pigeon.*

We plan to have the discs remanufactured by a different company and will then send you ASAP the replacement (disc only) for you to insert into your box. You will then have both a tasteful coffee coaster and a working disc!

Tasteful coffee coaster!

Tasteful coffee coaster!

We have contacted all of our wholesale suppliers and asked them to hold onto the Venus 1 discs but should you have purchased one from a third party, feel free to come to us directly and we’ll take of you.

Current Score Tally for Venus 1 is close to level pegging!

Discs working fine: 5 Faulty Discs: 4

It is hard to believe that we have produced tens of thousands of DVDs over the last four years, thirteen titles in total prior to this year, without any issues and many, many happy customers.  Thank goodness this didn’t happen in the first year, we would probably gone bust and never have attempted to repeat the exercise!

So sorry about all this hassle, please keep us posted and thanks again for your support.


*We will make an exception for Carrier Pigeons and they are welcome to refuel at the bird feeder. See blog.


8 Responses to “The DVD Shenanigans Continue”

  1. No comment on discs, but I ADORE your fishy teapot!

  2. tmarie Says:

    Poor baby! What a fiasco. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. As a customer waiting for DVDs, please know that I’m patient–when it gets here I will be happy but the anticipation is okay too.

    In regard to your earlier comment about filming in January. Of course, we want you to but if you think you need a break (easily understood after this), I’d rather you did that than burn out and quit producing DVDs altogether.

  3. Patience Says:

    Don’t laugh on the carrier pigeon. An IT company in South Africa showed it’s faster to send data 50 miles via flash drives carried by pigeon than via their IP.


  4. alwen Says:

    Computer stuff! We love it, except when we DON’T.

    And I want to say, Never mind the coffee coaster – I love the mug but I want that teapot!

  5. fibercrone Says:

    Is owl post acceptable?

    Oh, Lucy, I’m so sorry you are having to go through this. Just for the record, it in no way changes my high regard for you and your products.

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