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Fleeing the Empty Nest October 2, 2009

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Fleeing the Empty Nest
This week finds me madly preparing to get back on the road again. I’m packing lightly, as the last leg of my trip will be on a tiny Beachcraft plane with limited luggage capabilities: this is a challenge for the woman who routinely travels with a kettle and breakfast cereal, along with the usual class and clothing supplies!
I was just getting used to, and maybe even beginning to enjoy, being at home in my empty nest (it has only been two weeks since the last offspring flapped back to Ontario). I know this is technically my second year of empty-nesting, but I was away so much last year that I never really successfully made the adjustment. And what an adjustment!

I honestly never gave this transition a thought beforehand, but this has been one of the toughest years I’ve had since having the little dears.
I was so busy with life, work and travel, that I never realized that having no children around would make such a significant difference. I’m still trying to work out what exactly is missing (other than the obvious) and it occurs to me that I now need a new hobby! I’m not the same person that went into motherhood, so now I have to find out what I need to make me tick.

I was never a super hands-on mother. They always had to fend for themselves: cleaning their rooms (or not), making their sandwiches for school (once out of elementary school), but their lives certainly were intimately linked with mine and it was a constant juggling act to ensure that everyone had what they needed when they needed it. They were a great diversion and provided necessary balance.

Now I’m finding that I am so unused to having free time, that I feel I should be working all the time (one of the challenges of working from home)! I may take a longish while to find the new normal, but I’m working on it.

I am very glad that I have had the cottage to divert both my nesting energies and DVD frustrations, and I managed to paint the mango coloured walls last week. It really looks great: some might feel that they need sunglasses, but I love it. Bright pink and mango in the living room. WOW.

Knittingwise, I’m in a finishing-up mode at the moment. I really need a year or so dedicated to this effort, but, one project at a time, I’m getting there. I have at last allowed myself to knit for pleasure on my unfinished Cape Spear Blanket (my third one). This one has been kept for years as a ‘knit only when on the road’ project and used as an example in Double-Knitting classes (which are hugely popular currently), but it has reached a size where it requires its own suitcase in which to travel, and I tend to carry fewer samples these days as I can illustrate techniques more effectively from a DVD. So now I’m well on my way to finishing the last third of it and it is the perfect time of year to be doing this: it is cool at night, yet I’m reluctant to put on any heating yet (that would mean admitting for all to see that summer might be over), so this blanket is very cozy on the lap!


11 Responses to “Fleeing the Empty Nest”

  1. MK Says:

    Lucy, I am struggling somewhat with this same phenomenon. My “baby” started his freshman year at college this fall. I do work outside the home, and I do have lots of hobbies, but it’s still “different.”

    I’m sure each of us will come up with the balance we need…

  2. JoLynn Says:

    Love the colors of your cottage.

  3. Joni Says:

    Love the colors of the new room, of course! I can relate to the empty nest – euphoric but sad at the same time.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    The mango and pink walls are absolutely gorgeous. I love your sense of colour.

    My eldest has gone to NSCC this year — only down to Bridgewater, but it’s an empty nest, just the same. The advantage of the Halifax / Bridgewater distance is that I can go down to stay with her on occasion and she can come home if she’s not working for the weekend. But I have knitting to fill the void (and I can take it with me to knit her socks when I go to visit).

  5. fibercrone Says:

    Great wall colors!

    My children are close in age, four in six years. It turned out the three oldest left the nest about the same time. Once they were gone it took the longest time for me to be able to grocery shop for the appropriate number of people.

  6. Erssie Says:

    Just popped in to say Hi, I love designing socks too.
    And just had to leave a comment because I never knew what you looked like before, and I just love love love the hair….keep it up!

    I was having a crisis recently, just having turned 45 I thought perhaps the time for ‘normal’ hair might be coming….but NO, I want to keep my hair bright red and funky.
    Although it does fade all too quickly.

  7. mary jane Says:

    Lucy! I had the nicest morning in the class in Waterville this morning. I should have kept looking at your cottage pictures because I missed these fabulous walls! I knew you’d get everything all colorful and sensational!
    And after talking with you, I think my empty nest could be part of the cause of my current confusion. Funny how it is.

  8. Marion Says:

    I have one who has been gone for almost four years planning to return next year, and one who has been here who is planning her departure. My response has been to return to school, and knit even more, and go to the library, where last week I found your extremely helpful gems 3 video. The beading, some cable tips and lace. Just as I thought I was finished with my instructional phase. whoopee. It’s beautiful, thanks. Kids were my wonderful substitute for romance, so we’ll see what comes next. 😉

  9. louise Says:

    Hey Lucy! Take it from me they never really leave just keep coming back from time to time. So enjoy the empty nest while you can!

  10. Christien du Preez Says:

    My response to the challenge of the empty nest was to go out into the world and broaden my views. I later bought a smallholding and that is keeping me too busy to ponder too long over the welfare of my fledgelings. They are all married now, so their spouses have the responsibility! It was quite harrowing to lose my last one but on retrospect, I do not want them back permanently now! Love the walls!

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