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Thanksgiving with a cold October 18, 2009

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I’ve been home for Thanksgiving: the first time in many years! I unfortunately celebrated it with a steaming good cold, but it was a luxury to have the time to have a cold and not have to teach through it. It was an almost turkey-free event for me, however, we did enjoy the series of turkey calls from the girls. They are in different universities in ON, about six hours drive apart, and they decided to get together for the long weekend. It is heartwarming to know that they decide to get together for fun.

Their turkey saga began with a phone call from a grocery store on Saturday evening: “Is it too late to buy a frozen turkey and hope to have it thawed for tomorrow evening?” This lead to a debate on turkey size and the various thawing options. The turkey spent the night in the bath with regular water changes. The following day followed various other calls on the subjects of: “To stuff or not too stuff? What do you do with a turkey neck?” Apparently they took the precaution of inviting several friends to join them and good meal, including a pumpkin pie, was had by all . I enquired as to whether it was a store-bought pie and was told no, but they did use tinned pumpkin. I was pretty impressed at their achievement, doubly so considering their very limited cooking equipment.

This week is White Point Beach prep week. Towards the end of the week the happy (manic?) knitters will be descending on Nova Scotia from all points of the compass, armed with needles and hiking boots to join me at White Point Beach on the South Shore. This week is devoted to making the last minute adjustments to the logistical arrangements and gathering everything we will need to host the workshop remote from our office. As it all comes together, I am becoming more and more excited about conducting the three workshop days on the Venus Rising Cardigan: It’s not until you have knit one that you can appreciate the fascination of the process. We will be working a small (3 month old) size in class. I’m currently on the ferry out to Tancook to make sure the cottage is as ready as possible to receive visitors and to check out the route for the optional hike. It’s all in the lap of the Gods, as the weather will make a huge difference to the course and outcome of the day. The sun always shines on Tancook!

DVD news: by the time we get back from White Point we should be in a position to start shipping out the re-manufactured discs. We’ll keep you posted on developments! The Dolly Mama’s disc will follow shortly after. Then nearly a year after this all began we will have completed this project. Whew!

Hope that you are all in a position to enjoy the longer evenings for knitting.

There is a new Simon’s Cat cartoon out now on You Tube, and, speaking of which, Cat Bordhi has created a new clip on the subject of active knitting: starring in a minor role: my former left shoe!


One Response to “Thanksgiving with a cold”

  1. louise Says:

    Hope you are feeling better!

    Have a great time at camp.

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