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White Point – It’s a Wrap October 29, 2009

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It’s all over, everyone has returned home, and now we are sorting out the chaos of returning stock, orders and unpacked DVDs back at base camp. The campers achieved quite a number of completed baby size Venus Rising cardigans and Susan (my right-hand at Tradewinds) has now succumbed to the Venus disease: she’s thinking of running a Venus Knitalong in the new year (let us know if you would be interested). This is much more fun than swine flu! We’ll keep you posted.

Our second day out from camp took us to Chester where we managed to squeeze in a visit to Chez Glass Lass and were treated to an inspiring demonstration from the owner and artist Sharon McNamara. The glass art in this store always makes me wish to enter the lottery: this would be one of the select galleries in which I would have no difficulty spending a few surplus $$$.

All this was achieved before the ferry to Tancook sailed at 1020. We then all piled aboard the ferry for the hour-long trip to Big Tancook. I doubt that there have ever been more people on board simultaneously knitting before!

At the dock we divided into the hikers and those that were destined to the cottage directly by vehicle (using the term loosely). The hiking party crossed the center of the island by way of a landowners road out to Gravel Pond and a beach on the opposite side of South East Cove to the cottage. We walked along the beach for a while and then turned back towards lunch. On the way we had the chance to visit Hillary Donne’s newly opened Wishing Stones Gallery. Here she has created, largely with found artifacts, the perfect space to showcase her wonderful photos of all aspects of Tancook life. She also creates sea glass jewelry and note cards. Her talent is boundless!

The Tancook Museum is another small yet delightful spot, usually left open during tourist season, full of the items of past everyday island life from a place where nothing is ever thrown away lest it should come in handy one day.

Lunch was laid on for us by my good friend Karen, who had gone over to the island the night before to warm up the cottage and prepare the repast. By this time it was lightly drizzling and everyone ended up cozily at the cottage with their knitting. Harley (an island friend) took this opportunity to dispense some of his famous home-brewed wine and exotic stories! All in all it was great fun and much knitting was done before we all had to head back for the 1630 ferry. This is the last boat ashore for the day, so we made very certain to round everyone up if they wanted to get back to camp. We completed the day with an excellent meal at Nicki’s restaurant in Chester before sleepily heading back to White Point Beach and the bunnies.


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