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The End of an Era November 21, 2009

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It’s the end of an era! I’ve lost count of how many times I have taught workshops for Ruth Sybers (owner of Knitter’s Treat in Monticello, WI) in the last ten years; I didn’t realize that I was actually the first in what was to become an illustrious series of visiting knitting gurus over the following years.

Ruth took advantage of having a handy location in which to host workshops: a family-owned fine dining restaurant on Main Street, Monticello, which happened to be closed Monday to Wed noon each week. This enabled Ruth to book teachers (for whom there are simply not enough weekends in a year) on their quieter days and catch them on their way from A to B. She is handily located near to Madison airport, or, if necessary, Chicago was not an impossible drive.

Ruth has also made great use of this space as both a workshop venue and a textile gallery: over the years she has displayed works from Elizabeth Zimmermann, Joyce Williams, Valentia Devine and currently all her past workshop mentors. To see many of the exhibits past and present, visit the Dining Room at 209 Main. There are also scrumptious recipes from the restaurant on the site.

Over the years Ruth has hosted Susanna Hansen, Beth Brown-Reinsel, Sally Melville, Jean Moss, Maureen Mason-Jamieson, Annie Modesit, to name but a few, and built up a dedicated following of attendees who appreciated her informal and relaxed venue.

Apparently this latest workshop is going to be the last in Ruth’s series. She now feels that, with the number of wonderful local yarn shops and the enormous Madison Knitting Guild (500+ members), that workshop opportunities abound. Ruth and Knitter’s Treat will still be offering patterns and kits at local fiber events.
Thank you Ruth, for being such a wonderful host and friend and introducing me to the delights of The Dining Room and the eccentricities of New Glarus which is quite remarkably Swiss right down to lederhosen for sale in the stores!

Today I have moved further east, to Lambikins Hideaway in Hamilton, OH, slowly working my way homewards, one time zone at a time.

The workshops are beginning tomorrow, so I spent a little time exploring the store this afternoon and I once again weakened in the face of a splendid array of quilt fabrics. I really will have to start stitching when I get home. I am happy now though: I have actually got a project in mind (rather than just merrily buying fabrics). There are two hideously ugly footstools out on the island. These can be the recipients of my first attempts. There is suddenly a super-abundance of lovely fabric in this world and I seem to have lost my immunity!


One Response to “The End of an Era”

  1. Steve Says:

    I’m delighted your journey home brought you nearby to Lambikins Hideaway in Hamilton, OH. It was a delight to meet you this past weekend as you walked us through the intricacies of double knitting and expanded our repertoire of sock knitting techniques. You added much more than “how” to my brain by filling in a lot of “why?”.

    Enjoy the peace and quiet of the island cabin and the fun of making it uniquely yours!

    Thanks for sharing your passion,

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