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New ideas November 30, 2009

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I’m still working away on the new ideas. It’s a slow process (but coming on nicely) as I only like to knit at night or on a plane or whilst hanging around. Neither of these projects is ideally suited to walking around, although I’m craving exercise and fresh air but it’s unseasonably warm here and has been wet ever since I returned.

Talking of my time away, two particularly neat things occurred whilst I was in Wisconsin; the first was for me to actually remember to request a visit to a bookstore and be able to pick up copies of all the books by Michael Perry that I didn’t already own.
Michael Perry books

Being a local author they were actually on the shelf, I didn’t have to wait weeks or pay shipping. I’ve been in the grip of his writing since I discovered ‘Truck – A love story’ and the very first sentence had me hooked.

One of the things that I really enjoy, is that these books can be sipped. Reading a small amount everyday is nearly as good as a long read, and better yet than the delicious ‘gripped by the short and curlies’ mania of a page turner, which is huge fun whilst it lasts but leaves one feeling rather out in the cold the moment you shut the book.

Another lovely book with a pleasing turn of phrase is Clara Parke’s new ‘Book of Wool’. It’s not only beautiful and packed with information but the prose is very readable with many a phrase that will make you smile and keep you engaged whilst tackling a subject that could easily be dusty and full of bits of twig (as per fleece). There a sprinkling of excellent patterns from well known designers, enough to make you feel you could knit several of them but not to overwhelm.

The second neat occurrence (having been a little sidetracked by books) in WI was meeting up with reknowned knitting teacher and designer Chris Bylsma in Madison airport. Small world. Chris is particularly noted for her Crayon Box Jacket, her use of deliberately dropped stitches and we both also have a penchant for hot pink! We were both leaving on the same delayed flight and were able to catch up on news and while away the time together.
in Madison airport


3 Responses to “New ideas”

  1. MK Says:

    Lucy – Your Chris Bylsma link does not work.

  2. Pam Says:

    Oh, Lucy. It’s been great catching up with you on your blog and seeing and hearing about your thoughts and plans. Love the pink walls in the living room! Your place will absolutely glow regardless of the weather.

    Regarding the empty nest, no one ever truly gets over that. I still cook for a crowd — only the crowd (children and friends) now live all over the world.

    Regards from the Ewe Crew,

    Pam et al

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