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The annual pilgrimage and a slice of Tancook December 15, 2009

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Time is whipping by again and I’m off to the UK tonight to see my mum (my annual pilgrimage). I like the UK flight direct from Halifax: it leaves very late in the evening, which means that you can fit in a whole day’s work and put off packing until after dinner!  Over the weekend I’ve been prepping all the Christmas goodies for the various relatives across the pond, now I just have to finish off the cards.


Happily, I have two travel knitting projects: I just have to concentrate on the thumb increases of the Lifesaver Mitten this morning. The Hugs and Kisses scarf is coming on well and it’s fun to knit.  Because of the (minor) complexity of the double-knitting in this scarf, I am creating a short form chart that will make it easier to knit the 7 pairs of dissimilar stitches, for the five rows that they differ. It is possible to think them through, but not whilst talking or breathing.
At the end of last week I disappeared to the island for a couple of days: the first day the weather was glorious and I spent a lot of the day outdoors. I helped (in a very minor way) with the improved marking of the heli-pad; it is now marked with eight cones mounted on paving slabs with flashing red lights that may be quickly mounted in the event of an expected helicopter. Apparently there was an incident recently with a newer pilot who couldn’t find the landing area!
There is quite a move afoot to improve the emergency capabilities on the island, fueled sadly by a recent nasty fire that destroyed a precious boat, boat shed, several barns, many years of work, memories, and a lifetime collection of tools (think of your entire knitting stash and all your finished projects going up in smoke to gauge your feelings). Thankfully it was a rare, still air day and the nearby houses didn’t catch fire.
Lobster season began on December 1st : I’ve never been anywhere where it marked the passage of time so clearly. I can see and hear the boats out in the bay from the comfort of my bed. On Tancook everything hinges around ‘the season’: ‘Must done before lobstering’, ‘he’s not around, he’s out on the boats’, ‘won’t be ‘till after the season’ are the catch prases. Apparently the best catches to be had are immediately the season opens and it tails off exponentially thereafter and although the season remains open, most fishermen work the first few weeks and then call it a day when the catches diminish and it becomes very stormy and rough. This year they were lucky, as the first few days were great weather. It remains to be seen what the prices for lobster will be set at. Last year the price was very low.

Lobster season

The following day was somewhat damp (think monsoon)! So I stayed put and indulged in an orgy of indoor activities: a little hooking with fabric strips (an interest that has been dormant for many years), put up my coat rack (I built it on the weekend), knitting (trying to complete my third Cape Spear Blanket), a little personal writing (Christmas letters), some patchwork with the fabrics from Lambikins, a few bits of jigsaw…. I have the attention span of a gnat!

New coat rack

Ready for patchwork

Attention span of a gnat!

Better get busy here now, probably no further news until after the UK, since where I will be visiting is unfortunately a very internet-free zone.

3 Responses to “The annual pilgrimage and a slice of Tancook”

  1. Brenda Says:

    Thanks for the lovely picture of life ‘away’ from where I live in Ontario

  2. Magi Says:

    Have a great trip back to see your Mum – and going at Christmastime too! Still I get to go back in March next year and can’t wait.

  3. lauragayle Says:

    safe travels, Lucy!

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