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Greetings from Norfolk December 20, 2009

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Surprisingly, I have managed to find a little bit of wireless internet in this desert. I am enjoying extraordinarily warm (8C) sunny days here in Norfolk (UK) and conducting a high density relative visitation; thankfully many of them are rendezvousing with us here rather than us rushing around the country.

My dear mother has moved into a home since I was here last. Bishop's summer residence to care facility.

She seems pretty settled and it seems to have a pleasant atmosphere. The coordination of all the necessary helpers to enable her to stay in her old home was proving too complex. I was going to say that the building in which the home is situated was actually older than the sum of the resident’s ages (but that would make it BC) but it used to be a bishop’s summer residence many hundreds of years ago, and has been many other things since. The building must be a nightmare to maintain and operate, but it does make for some interesting rooms and it’s surrounded by lovely old gardens with abundant paths for easy walking. It seems very strange visiting mum but not staying with her: I feel yet one step further distant again.

I made my annual trip to Norwich with my sister. I go there these days as much to admire the historic buildings as for any other reason. (Although I will admit that the procurement of future supplies of Thornton’s chocolates is a powerful draw.)


The scenery, shops and houses are so delightful in North Norfolk and, yes, you can purchase squirrels for consumption from the butchers!
The double-knit scarf is coming along well, but now I need to spend some quality time with my mitten thumb.


5 Responses to “Greetings from Norfolk”

  1. Anne Says:

    Have a great visit! Thornton’s Chocolates – yes I totally agree with you there — our local Scottish shop stocks them so we now can stock up whenever we want — let me know if you ever need any sent your way!

  2. Tami Says:

    I had to whisper about the squirrels in the butchers to my DH. If I said it out loud the terriers in the house would have been searching for the suicidal one that shows up in my backyard. They would be thrilled to live in a place where one could be had from a butcher shop!

    Do the Norfolk/Norwich terriers locally help with the squirrel procurement I wonder? 😉

  3. Magi Says:

    I love North Norfolk too having spent some holidays at Hunstanton, Cromer and other seaside destinations. I can’t wait to get back – fish and chips in paper bags with mushy peas !

    HAve you had snow?

  4. Lab Cat Says:

    I buy Thornton’s Chocolates when I go home to England too. The other treat is Cadbury flake and baked beans.
    While I eat these in England, I always bring marmite back to the US with me.

  5. Fredda Says:

    Thank you for posting and giving an insight into your trips across the pond. Your mom seems to be settled into a lovely place and, although it’s not the same, you can still visit and share the things only mothers and daughters can share.

    Happy holidays!

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