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Wishing you all happy and healthy holidays! December 25, 2009

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My flock is gathered in. What a relief. I’m rooting for all the other folks who are busy trying to get where they are going at this time of year!  I can’t help feeling that we skipped out of the UK just in time,  as they have now record quantities of snow and it takes only 3 snowflakes to shut down UK roads. They don’t have snow tires or even shovels. How much snow can one move with a broom?

I’d like to express my deep appreciation for the skills of the pilots that landed daughter Holly’s plane in the tail-end of the recent snow-bearing North-Easter. We had both fully resigned ourselves to her spending a significant portion of her few days off in Montreal airport, but apparently her plane was big enough to land (the smaller, earlier one was cancelled) in the mess here.

Wishing you all happy and healthy holidays, delicious yarn and sufficient time to knit!


3 Responses to “Wishing you all happy and healthy holidays!”

  1. Punkin Says:

    Wishing you a happy holiday with your family.

  2. Gwen Says:

    I got in Sunday in that mess too. Apparently my airline flies in any weather though, and it was only a small Q-400. Hopefully going back wont be too bad either.

    Cheers to the entire family!

  3. Irene in MI Says:

    What a good feeling to have your family with you, safe and sound. We (parents) work so hard to make our off-spring happy and independent, and then they are off and living without us! It feels good to have them around again for a bit. Happy New Year, Lucy! Glad you’re back in hot-water/central-heating Land! But seeing your UK family was worth the chilblains, right? Right?!

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