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Emerging from the vortex January 7, 2010

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At last I’m emerging from the time vortex that is the Seasonal Holiday Period . I’m always amazed how two perfectly good weeks, with the standard 24 hours a day, seem to evaporate without trace or any evidence of productivity. I will admit that I have finished off a couple of lingering projects that needed nothing but buttons, or a little neatening and blocking, but beyond that the time has pleasantly vanished in flurry of large kids, family meals and comings and goings.

One of my private time absorbers that I allow myself at this time of year is a jigsaw puzzle: once the box is opened, it’s hard for me to tear myself away. I can lose hours listening to a book and fooling around with the pieces. I secretly begrudge the time I spend on it, therefore I like to have a fairly easy puzzle that motors along: the brighter the picture the better, and I like pieces with a variety of shapes and very positive connections. I find it very frustrating to have to question every piece that erroneously appears to fit. My assault on a puzzle is very structured:  first sort and assemble the edges, go as far as possible with colours and texture, and then, when all else fails, sort the remaining pieces into the innies and the outies so that at least a few pieces can be ruled out.

Mr. Cuddles, puzzle helper!

I know I’m not alone. It seems to me that a very high proportion of knitters are secret jigsaw puzzlers. Does it satisfy a certain area of the brain that is also pleased by knitting?


9 Responses to “Emerging from the vortex”

  1. auntiemichal Says:

    Jigsaw (and other puzzles) can be addictive for me, too. A couple of years ago I had to get frequent lab work done, and the puzzles in the waiting area caught me! it actually worked out all right because I wasn’t up to more strenuous or intellectual pursuits at the time. LOL What are those trays the puzzle is on?

    BTW, I recently was knitting a black/navy short-row heel in a dim coffee shop and discovered that red plastic stir sticks make great parking devices! Thanks for including the technique in your sock video. The heel came out even, something that cannot be said for its sibling sock done without parking implements.

    • Lucy Neatby Says:

      It’s a great puzzle board, it can be folded in two – the pieces can be stuck down to the green cloth with giant velcro sheets. It also has two shallow drawers for sorting and storing bits. I usually just slide it under the settee!
      Glad you like the heel. Happy stitches, Lucy

  2. Punkin Says:

    What an interesting thought about the connection between puzzles and knitting.

  3. Fredda Says:

    A new friend reintroduced me to jigsaw puzzles. I completed the 1000 piece picture of a colorful street scene in Ireland and actually framed it! Needless to say, little knitting was done for awhile.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I love doing jigsaws too. Our current home is not yet set up for it, but my husband also enjoys them, so I hope that changes soon. He s not a knitter, but likes computer programming. I think there is a correlation.

  5. Noreen Says:

    A knitter and a secret puzzler. Check out my blog, longlakeyarns.net for an interesting New Year’s jigsaw puzzler.

  6. susanna eve Says:

    I also love jigsaw puzzles:) Not as good as tactile puzzles but I also like jigzone.com

  7. Juliann Says:

    I do the daily jigsaw puzzle on the computer every morning after I look over the emails. I also recently-within the last 5 years-took up piecing quilt tops. I am not interested in quilting, and send them off for someone else to do that. I just like the puzzle part of putting the pieces together. I start with the pattern, lay everything out, and then start putting things together-just like a jigsaw puzzle. It never looks like the pattern is supposed to, but then it’s mine. My cat’s are too interested in puzzles to put them out, so this takes care of that need in my brain.

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