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Our best selling pattern January 13, 2010

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Sea Lettuce mania!

Sea Lettuce Scarf #468

We have just discovered that the Sea Lettuce Scarf is far and away our best-selling pattern, ever.

It appears that our US pattern distributor, Up North Fiber Art Supply, had a bit of a hiccup in their account reconciliation, with the result that they will be (hopefully) settling with us for a whole year’s worth of Sea Lettuce sales in one fell swoop. The total number of pattern sales is one surprisingly impressive figure! Not enough to retire on, I’m assuring you, but very pleasing.

As I recall, this scarf came about after I taught in CA at Shirley Grade’s Wool Lovers Retreat a number of years ago. It was hatched, and initially swatched , on a Boeing 747 or some other large airplane on my way home. I wanted to create a narrow, widthwise-worked, reversible scarf with beautiful matching ends to showcase handpainted yarns. I was in the height of my picots-on-everything phase. (Picots become really fun if you use the Modified Conventional Bind-Off.) I believe that I may only have had two dpns and one ball of yarn available to me,  and that is all it takes! You can always make Provisional Crochet Cast-On with your fingers.

Having got the concept, once home I spent quite a while trying to make it logical and easy to remember, and then in developing a second width version as well as figuring out how to explain some of the strange antics that this scarf involves.

It now outsells all our other patterns put together. Surprisingly, it has knocked the great Fiesta Feet off their pedestal. The newer Spindrift series is making a strong showing, but the Lettuce bug has certainly struck all over the world. Why? They are fun to knit, the start and finish are very elegantly pleasing, and they can be made in so many different yarns (of any weight). Two widths are available: 20 or 32 stitches wide. Once you have it down pat, the seven row repeat just motors along and along. Done in a fine yarn, the scarf does double duty as “soft jewelry”.

Check this page on Ravelry for a plethora of yarn ideas.

Yarn shops who have had a Sea Lettuce on the counter, partially knit,  can hardly keep the patterns in stock. I do hope that all those that have knit this design have been using the Modified Conventional Bind Off (which forms part of the pattern),  as it revolutionizes the making of all the picots. I really love to teach all the techniques that form part of this pattern, as all the new ideas are used at the start of the scarf so it makes an excellent class.

468 Sea Lettuce Scarf


One Response to “Our best selling pattern”

  1. Jeri Riggs Says:

    Dear Lucy: I can attest to the popularity and fabulousness of the Sea Lettuce Scarf! Personally, I have knit 4 of them, all out of Koigy Kersti, and have taught countless folks how to get started on theirs in the shop I worked at, Sticks and Strings, in Scarsdale, NY. This scarf is one of our most popular patterns, and every time I wore one at work, I would sell the pattern! Some days, several times! What I love is how it folds up in a round stack to store neatly, and is like a gorgeous sculpture. You should be very proud to have devised such a genious scarf!
    Thank you so much!

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