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Design Dilemmas January 19, 2010

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Designing things is just like falling off a log! Oh, sure. I have two deep-hought projects on the go right now: a double-knit mitten (that has been simmering for an age), and a simple double-knit sock (that I have been wanting to tackle forever). Yes, I’m in a frenzy of DK again. However, at this very moment, both creations need some ripping out.

The DK sock is coming on well. The best approach to the heel flap took some consideration, and I finally settled on conventional slip and knit heel flaps, but joined by colour patterning, with the outer edges left open to allow for easy stitch pick-up. Now, I had decided to incorporate a simple stripe pattern with an eight stitch (four pair) repeat to prevent boredom and also to tie the two layers of the sock together intimately. But in order to have both edges of the heel flap end with two main colour stitches at either edge, the heel flap has to have a multiple of 4 + 5 pairs of stitches. This, whichever way you look at it, is an odd number of pairs. Initially I decided to knit the heel flaps with a decrease in the center to solve this issue, which meant on one side of the heel flap you were slipping the contrast stitches and on the other side working them and the two sides had a subtly different appearance. Not a big deal. . . until I came to putting this into words. Oh my goodness. What a horror story!

Before - Note the different thickness of stripes.

Before (inside) - Note 2 stitch center stripe.

After - Much more even and easier to knit!

Now, why I didn’t think of this before: I can take a simpler approach and simply (simple is meant to be the watch-word here) work the last two stitches on either side. This solves the appearance issue, simplifies the writing, and thus the knitting for the poor soul trying to wade through the directions.

The naughty-bad-girl knitter part of me now says: ‘So why not switch to that now, mid-heel flap’? No one would notice, except when I point it out. However, I can’t live this way: it will be far more attractive if I rip it, recondition the yarn and restart the heel flap. Now that I have bared my soul and taken some pictures, I will rip, recondition and off we go again!

Morning after verdict: Well worth the effort! Easier to knit and a more attractive appearance. Success.


2 Responses to “Design Dilemmas”

  1. I have one of those bad girl knitters hanging around here once in a while. Only the hard-won knowledge that the finished pattern sample will give me a bad instead of good feeling every time I look at it for decades to come keeps me on the straight and narrow.

  2. Lenora Says:

    The tendency to over think a dilemma oft leads to ignoring the obvious. When in doubt – simplify. Thanks for sharing your thinking circle that ended up with a sturdy basic slip stitch heel ‘fudged’ on the edges.

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