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An energising departure! April 1, 2010

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Loaded and ready to go to Tancook.

I had a most energising departure from Tancook Island this weekend! I’m not sure where my brain was; perhaps something to do with catching the 0900 ferry on a Sunday morning in far too mellow a mental state. I usually work through my departure routine totally smoothly and most carefully: empty the bins, defrag the fridge, put out the compost, turn down the heat etc. Sunday was different.

It’s a 5 minute drive to the ferry, and one of my neighbours very kindly gives me a ride when I have luggage. Islanders, by the way, are VERY punctual, having lived by ferry time all their lives. Harley has instilled in me the need to always be early, but he’s always earlier than I am, so this time we rather rushed off. Having dropped me at the dock, Harley headed back home. Then I checked my pocket: OMG, no iPhone. Palpitations set in. I can get by without a phone, but not perhaps my audio books, but worse yet, I’m about to be on the road again, where this gizmo is my lifeline.

Luckily we thought of calling my friend Hillary (one of the ferry crew knew her number – it’s in my iPhone, aargh, but not memorized), who dashed over to the cottage, where we were ringing the phone so she could find it, after which she then winged the phone over to Harley, who was able to race back to the ferry with five minutes to spare and save the day!

Waiting for the ferry.

The ferry arrives.


One Response to “An energising departure!”

  1. Cheryl Waters Says:

    To imagine that a mere 20 years ago cell phones were decadent and now they are our very lifeline to our worlds. My next phone will definitely be an iPhone, in the meantime my knittingPod will have to do — a/k/a iPod Touch. This is the name my darling husband uses to describe mine because it is totally knitting related. Well, that and my latest mystery book or two. It has numerous knitting podcasts, it has a PDF reader so I can take my current patterns without having to cart tons of paper. It gives me a place to write all my notes that I can email to myself and place in my knitting journal. I even have some Lucy Neatby videos to carry with me. So, yes, my knittingPod goes everywhere with me. Thanks Lucy!

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