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Knitting Reincarnation May 13, 2010

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Reincarnation – or things coming back to haunt you!

I recently received a copy of this picture along with this message via my web mistress:

“I don’t know any other way to contact Lucy Neatby, so I’m wondering if you can pass some info on to her and/or ask a question for me. The attachment is a photo of something that’s come into my possession that she apparently designed and knit from Salt Spring Island wool, and I’m dying to know the story behind the piece. I produce the Victoria (BC) FibreFest (http://www.victoriafibrefest.com ), and this ‘poncho’ has kind of become our ‘mascot’ or something like that. Can you find out for me what Lucy’s involvement was in this item, or ask her to contact me?”

My response went something like this:
Yes, it does look rather like the ‘yurt’ style poncho that I made for Susan at the Saltspring Island Spinning Mill many years ago.
The story behind it was that I was going to use some much finer yarn and do something truly exotic with it. However, in January Susan broke her leg and was unable to get the yarn spun and dyed. Time sped by, as it does. In June (with a July deadline looming) I asked for huge yarn instead, as the piece had to be large enough to look good in a fashion show. However, due to the perverse nature in which the universe unfolds, the yarn arrived only a day before a family camping trip, with strange quantities of the different colours. So I decided to work a series of unattached ‘petals’ (more in keeping with the scale of plants in The Day of the Triffids) whilst I camped. This would allow me to see how far the yarn would go and be able to knit a modestly sized piece whilst in a canoe. (There are many wondrous underlying reasons for any design.) I set in waste yarns up the sides of each petal, so that I would be able to seam them together without sacrificing a stitch. When I returned home I had knit up most of the yarn. I laid out the petals side by side, played with the colours and seamed them together. I knitted up stitches around the top and created a shoulder panel, and then added a round of contrasting garter stitch on the live stitches of all the petals. I finished it all off by adding a tip (and tassel?) to each petal.
It was finished in such a hurry that I never took a picture – I had hoped to see a picture from the show.
I am much amused to see its new incarnation as SCULPTURE – I had imagined that it probably became a dog bed long since!

REQUEST: Does anyone have a picture of this THING as a poncho?


6 Responses to “Knitting Reincarnation”

  1. That is a wonderful story!

  2. LeAnne Grillo Says:

    OK–I’ve got to know–so how big is this? It looks like a huge sculpture and conjures up the yarn store equivalent to the gigantic ice cream cone that some ice cream store chains flaunt. It is very cool!

  3. I’d love to see it as a poncho too! Your description of making it got my fingers twitching.

  4. Jackie Zydeck Says:

    I love it! I take it the big ball of yarn in the center was a later addition from the person who installed it as a sculpture?

  5. Cheryl Adams Says:

    Great story. It’s always interesting to learn how things evolve.
    I’m so excited to know that you’re coming to Battle Creek,MI.
    Kelly just told me yesterday. I can’t wait to meet you in person. I’ll never be as bold or as good a knitter as you, but you are an inspiration to me.

  6. susanna eve Says:

    I remember that yarn:) You gave me some of the leftovers, I think I knit a doll sized rug for my daughter with it. The colours were very vivid and the yarn was very bulky.

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