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Anchorage in the sunshine! May 26, 2010

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Anchorage is beautiful in the sunshine!
Despite my less than auspicious start yesterday, I made it to Anchorage before the sun set last night. Admittedly the sun was just going down at 2300 Alaska time (0400 the following day in NS), but never mind, I didn’t end up rerouted via Phoenix AZ, which had been looking like my only option. Thank goodness for Melissa: she somehow managed to intervene on my behalf and, just as the agent was about to book me three new legs (via Arizona), Melissa managed to switch me onto an Alaskan Airways flight from Chicago, so I ended up arriving only 4 hours later than expected. Things were looking up! Interestingly, I flew from just off the eastern edge of the map (on the inflight magazine) to just off the western edge! But there was a special insert to show some details of Alaska. The approach to Alaska by air (there are no roads into Anchorage) was an expanse of beautiful craggy white mountains as far as the eye could see. This place is remote and still “wild”.

Holland America / Grey Lines’s polite and very efficient airport pick-up service scooped us up and whisked us into the city. I suspect that they are in the business of “gently handling people” and have done this before! Anchorage is a city of about 300,000 people, although it is rather seasonal. It is very open, with only low rise buildings. Apparently the city was razed to the ground in the Good Friday earthquake in 1964, so all the structures are quite new.

On the way to the hotel we passed a couple of textile destinations, Oomingmak that and the Quilted Raven: Donna Druchunus and I plan to hit these up before we board the coach later to join the Statendam! It’s hard to say what the temperatures will be, but last night it felt fresh, not unlike home.


OK, I’m off to hunt up a cup of tea and start exploring!


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