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Tales of an Alaskan cruise, part 1 June 2, 2010

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Long time no communication. No, I didn’t get eaten by a polar bear or drift off on an errant ice floe!

From the moment we reached the ship, life was crazy busy and internet access was either mind-blowingly expensive and / or hard to find!
I’m now back in Nova Scotia with frozen fingers (it’s rather cool in the house and I hate to light a fire in June), a post-lunch attack of jet lag, and a backlog of work that I don’t seem to able to wade through right now. Already, the warmth of Alaska is just a fleeting memory!

What did I forget to pack? Sunscreen and a floppy hat! We had wonderful weather: blue sky and sunshine every day in Alaska and no fog at all until we reached Canadian waters! Apparently we were fortunate indeed to have blue skies and sunshine up and down Glacier Bay. The highlights for me were great knitters, snow covered mountains galore, distant whale spouts and tail lobs, and I’m almost sure that I saw an orca!

I was so impressed with the bits of Alaska I saw. Every port we visited had both a yarn and a quilting store; they were all friendly and lovely with lots of exciting local yarns. (More on this in a future issue.) I am sure that there are now a few bald musk oxen (oh, the softness of that fiber!) as a result of our visit.

I particularly enjoyed walking out of the ‘diamond-mile’ touristy areas and seeing the real local colour: fishing docks with hopeful eagles hanging around, shops advertising ‘halibut cheeks’, sea planes as local transport. Anchorage, Juneau and Ketchikan are unconnected to roads beyond the local area, they can only be reached by plane or sea! It is a very different lifestyle, indeed.

Halibut cheeks anyone?

We had a party of over 30 enthusiastic knitters and quite a few intrepid husbands, lured (I think) on the promise of fishing and no washing up. ( It was lovely to work with you all!) Donna Druchunas and I both taught classes on the days when the ship was at sea and the students could sign up for a mix and match of the classes they wished for. Now, I really must get serious with the delete button before I deluge you with millions of snow and ice photos.


2 Responses to “Tales of an Alaskan cruise, part 1”

  1. MJ Says:

    Dear Lucy–I enjoyed your classes on the ship very much, and just last night used the modified bindoff without even checking my notes!! Your color sense is inspiring. Classes and knitting in the lounge in the evening were the best part of the cruise!!

  2. Deejay Says:

    Hi Lucy,

    It was nice to meet you briefly on the cruise. You might remember that you had to rush off to teach a class and leave your lunch behind. I ate it! Be glad that you missed it!

    As previous residents of AK, we chose this cruise because it went through Glacier Bay — and, we definitely weren’t disappointed in that! Wasn’t it beautiful?

    The weather was beyond spectacular. We were so glad that we brought along our shorts though most others did not and suffered in their fleece!

    I’ve started your newsletter and am looking at purchasing your DVDs. Love to knit so it was quite special to meet you on this cruise.


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