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UK Knit camp in Sterling, Scotland June 7, 2010

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Oh, how fast the future comes!  It’s already time to book my flights for the forthcoming UK knit camp in Sterling, Scotland.

This should be quite an event, with a great array of knitting teachers and personalities. BTW, there are still a few openings in some of my classes, so it’s not to late to sign up. I do hope some of you UK knitters take advantage of this event being held on your doorstep, as so far all the folks I know that are attending are from this side of the Atlantic!

My mother is delighted that I’ll be over the pond for this event, as she was recently cheated out of a visit by the volcanic eruption in Iceland. I would have been there for a quick visit with my Mum and big sister Elly, then on to a surprise special birthday lunch for my middle sister Pauline, then flying back directly to Ottawa for workshops with Janie H Knits in Perth, ON. That was the game plan. However, the European air traffic chaos and the rumblings of the Icelandic volcanoes made me rethink my plans. I decided that the risk of one more volcanic burp and not making it back in time for the workshops was too great to take. There is a deal of responsibility to contracting to teach a workshop: in this instance, rooms booked for three days of teaching, 60 + people whose plans include travel and accommodation. I just couldn’t take the chance.

I’m looking forward to taking some photographs to add to my collection of UK photos. Until then, here are some from previous travels.



Milford Haven, Wales

Bishop's summer residence to care facility.


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