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Thar she blows! June 9, 2010

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I squeezed in a quick dash to the island this week. I have to go to TNNA in Columbus OH next week, but I really wanted to get a head start on my painting before I left. I’ve emptied out the sewing room (and I’m anxious to get the room back into service), so it’s now ready to paint. Last time I was out I completed some minor ceiling repairs (leaky pipe damage from my first night on the island), prepped the ceiling for painting, and chose my future happy paint colours. On my first afternoon back, after a red-eye return from the west coast, I was too totally fried to do any useful work and didn’t want to stand still and fall asleep, so I entertained myself by buying my paints. Normally, I’m rather impatient of the time that shopping for paints takes, but it was an ideal use of my afternoon. So a few days and much editing later, armed with my cans, I headed for the island.

Imagine my delight when David greeted me and told me that he had a gap of time between mud coats on another job and he’d be able to put up my weathervane! I have always had a hankering for one, and I was given a gorgeous whale weather vane for Christmas which has been burning a hole in it’s box.

Naturally ice and snow precluded any earlier attempts at mounting it, but recently I had borrowed a ladder and taken a good look at the job. Once I reached the apex of the roof I decided that messing around with power tools on the top of a wobbly ladder was probably not a good idea; I haven’t time for a broken leg just now! Also, the little shed seemed to have grown like Jack’s beanstalk and was alarmingly high. This was a job for someone with greater skills and better equipment than I possessed. Seemingly today was the day…

Here are the results! I look forward to seeing the sun rise behind the whale on a summer morning.

The shed - before.

Gone fishing!

Final adjustments.

New weathervane!

Once the whale was installed and David was safely back on deck, I set to with the painting. My intrepid photographer Hillary kindly joined me and we got busy. Firstly the boring white for the ceiling. A little later we were joined by Harley and the three of us made remarkably good time in anointing the walls. It will need a little more cutting in around the ceiling and another coat of green but it’s coming on nicely. It’s all a bit bright and cool right now but once I get my Ecuadorian weaving up on the wall I’m sure it will be like Goldilocks’ porridge!

Lovely helpers.

Thank you to my many helpers!


4 Responses to “Thar she blows!”

  1. Mairi Says:

    What a lovely weather vane! I remember you talking about it, but I had completely failed to visualise it… Now I know why you like it so much!

  2. Susan from Northern CA Says:

    The weathervane and the colors both look great! Congrats on your improvement projects


  3. susan Says:

    Love the updates. What a perfect weather vane for your place!
    Keep the updates coming.

  4. margaret Says:

    love the whale weather vane! great gift. nice to see harley and hillary again. margaret

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