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DIY and book publishing options June 22, 2010

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It’s been nearly a week since I’ve come back from TNNA. I have spent it partly at home, working frantically, and partly on Tancook, working on DIY projects and socializing widely with friends who are just returned for the season. We had two days of glorious weather. I hope that wasn’t all of summer.

The walls of the cottage sewing room have now been painted and I’ve started to move my stuff back in. I think I may have come up with suitable wording for the little floor insert that covers where the toilet used to stand in the corner of the room:
WC no more!
We messed around with various ‘odes to the commode’ – but they are rather lengthy for a floor plaque!

I have written and sent the last little part of Cool Knitters Finish in Style to Lynda Gemmell, so now we should be able to determine the size of the book. From this we can determine the amount of paper it will require, and thus an estimated retail price. Hillary took some (potential) cover shots on Friday: soon we should be able get a glimpse of what the new baby looks like.

I came back from TNNA all fired up with new technology options: We plan to release this book both as a hard copy and a downloadable .pdf. I am also considering turning it into an audio book.

Your thoughts would be warmly welcomed on both of the proposed new formats.


9 Responses to “DIY and book publishing options”

  1. Cheryl Waters Says:

    Lucy, I love both digital books and audio books. Since I had shingles in my eyes more than a decade ago, I understand the importance of audio books. Reading has a quick back and forth movement that can tire your eyes quickly. Good thing knitting doesn’t put the strain on the eyes that reading does. Digital books mean you can easily print the portion you need to take with you and you aren’t breaking the spine of the book when making copies. If it is a book I love I will have all mediums that are available: hard copy, digital and audio.

  2. Luise Says:

    So nice you’re looking for different ways to appeal to readers.

    One thought: Instead of the usual hardcover book, what about the paperback approach that can even have front and back flaps?

    Another: How about paperback with a spiral binding?

    I don’t know the relative costs of these ideas, though surely the first is less expensive to produce than a traditional hardcover. I look forward to your varied solutions.

  3. Louise Whitehead Says:

    Hi Lucy,
    You like to keep busy! I agree with Cheryl, digital is a happy medium if you are taking your laptop and don’t want to cart the hardback around. Audio is great when you are too tired to knit, but not tired enough to abandon knitting thoughts!

  4. Natalie Says:

    I like real books in some situations & digital in others. Audio would also be great now that I’m commuting again – it might lessen the traffic frustration. I just bought Shannon Okey’s new book as a PDF & I’m very happy with it.

  5. Lugarda Cappetta Says:

    I used to be an avid reader but lately since I can’t seem to get my knitting out of my hands I have turned to audio books. Have quite a few in my library so far.

  6. Peg Says:

    Thanks for taking me back to NS with your photos. I grew up in Port Wallis, so not far from where you now live. Tancook is a beautiful Island and oh how good is their sauerkraut!!
    Looking forward to meeting you at Quadra this fall. I like audio books, but if there are techniques explained, it is something I like to be able to pick up and refer to from time to time. PDF would be fine too. Peg on Vancouver Island
    Glad to see you are getting some wonderful sunshine – enjoy the new craft/knitting/sewing room and the new ‘Summer’ kitchen!

  7. susanna eve Says:

    I like digital format books too. I personally don’t care at all for audiobooks.

  8. Zina Says:

    PDF! PDF! YES!!! YES!!!!!


  9. I prefer an ebook I think if I can see the diagrams well enough on my kindle. I love hard copy books, but it is hard to beat the kindle for carry along. I love novels and other books in audio, but the couple of knitting books I’ve done not so much.

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