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A pink number day! June 25, 2010

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It’s a pink number day – in the best possible sense. My bicycle and I turned 20,000 kms today. It’s taken 10 + years on this bike. For non-cyclists the significance of bike computers may have passed them by but there are wonderful little gadgets that may attached to one’s bike which clock your speed, your distance and your aggregate distance (and other things besides). The incentive of clocking up the k’s is powerful.

20,000 kilometers

One of the delights of riding (apart from stopping) is whilst riding you do have time to ponder strange things; as I recall I mentally designed the Fir Tree Shawl on my bike. On the occasion of this momentous number, I began to think of how many hours I have spent on this saddle. Estimating an average speed of 20 km/h (generous) that is a 1000 hours. That’s 40 x 25 hour days – (bicycle math, that’s close enough for me).

1,000 hour recliner

In this time, I’ve cycled though copious amounts of rain and wind, but mostly I now avoid rain if I can. Wind is almost inevitable in Nova Scotia though. I’ve had one close encounter with a vehicle, but was unscathed, and became even more defensive. I’ve learned to watch out for cars turning left across me (not what happened). I’ve encountered a couple of incidences of road rage and shouting drivers; but many, many, more instances of kind, courteous, considerate ones. To you, thank you! There is no way to show one’s appreciation when on a bike. Even pleasant gestures are open to misinterpretation.  Had one bumble bee in mouth; they are furry and make you swerve horribly. Learned which ‘intelligent’ traffic lights do not change because they do not register a bike and consequently I encourage the polite drivers who stay well back, to snuggle a little closer so that the lights will change. Try explaining that in gestures! Discovered that you have to super vigilant in road works as the workers sometimes fail to be sure that the cyclists have made it through before releasing the oncoming traffic. An enlivening experience! All in all, time well spent. Think how much extra food I have been able to burn off!
In addition today, another milestone, The Bubbles Scarf (#492), is now proofed, tested, laid out, photographed and already up on Patternfish. I have great hopes for this design, it is so much fun to knit, and it practically stops traffic every time you get it out of your GoKnit bag. I was amazed at the reaction, even at TNNA amongst hardened pros. It’s not complex, just an appealing mix of the right materials  and design for the job.

In fact writing this makes me want to cast-on another one. But I must not. New things to do, but it is always good to have a back burner project bubbling away (sorry couldn’t help that one). But then I’d be distracted. It’s a dilemma!


3 Responses to “A pink number day!”

  1. Louise Whitehead Says:

    Well done Lucy, next time you are in the vicinity of London, Ontario, we will have to introduce you to the track at the
    Louise and Colin

  2. Ana Petrova Says:

    Nice pattern Lucy, I love the colors you chose. And the bike? Sorry but that seat does not look comfy at all. The seat on my bike looks like a tractor seat compared to yours, but it’s comfy.

    Happy biking.

  3. iMadeItSo Says:

    oh the pattern is gorgeous! i love the bubbles. i followed you here from twitter (after yarn harlot so warmly introduced you to the world 😉 can she introduce me too? i could use a few hundred knitterly friends! hehe) … anyway, glad to see you have a blog. i will be back to read some more.

    ~ ana

    p.s. happy 20K +

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