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Editing newest book and Double Knitting tempations July 12, 2010

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I’ve been working on the penultimate revision of Cool Knitters Finish in Style this week. I was lucky enough to coincidentally have my wonderful tech editor, Arden, arrive here for a visit at the same time as the latest proof edition! Everything is pretty much in place, but we ruthlessly hunted out a couple of duplicated paragraphs, missing punctuation (oh dear, not my strong point) and a couple of clangers. All the diagrams are labelled and in place, and there are not many questionable sticky notes adorning the margins any more.

As part of Arden’s stay, we had scheduled a few days on Tancook Island, which proved to be both enjoyable and productive. The weather was pleasant but with distinctly foggy overtones in the mornings. This proved ideal working weather. We edited each morning by the front window, watching the steady traffic of hummingbirds (Ruby Throated) at the newly erected feeder. In the past, all of Arden’s editing work has been done long distance: this week was far more fun, as we could consult, debate and share the decisions.

Editing with Arden.

Hummingbird feeder in the foggy morning.

We have to find another model at some point, but here is a picture of the finished Challenge Cardigan (modeled by Holly’s teddy), which is the culmination of the fruitful employment of many finishing techniques.

Holly's teddy models the Challenge Cardi

I’ve also at long last successfully Skyped: my first call was an interview with Marie Irshad at Knitcast. It was so easy; I don’t know why I took so long to get round to it!

I was very envious when Marie had to break off the interview in order to receive her grocery order from Sainsburys (British supermarket chain): if only they would deliver to Nova Scotia!

The Bubbles Scarf is breaking all known records for early and immediate pattern sales at Patternfish. I have been sneaking up on trying to expose the knitting world to the delights of Double Knitting over a number of years now, and have therefore developed a series of patterns designed to lure knitters in gradually, deeper and deeper, but maybe Bubbles will be the catalyst that I have been seeking. It charms and amazes; good qualities in any piece of knitting.

My available double-knitting published patterns thus far are (listed in approximate order of difficulty):
I-pod cozy: free on my web site.
The Mirror Mirror Scarf: Simple, easy to remember, negative/positive patterning in Stocking stitch or Reverse stocking stitch without fancy cast-on or bind-off techniques; designed to be fun, and good practice for working with two colours.
The Doubly Delicious Scarves: These six designs feature optional Tubular cast-on and bind-off and a variety of slightly more complex charts for you to follow.
The Bubbles Scarf: As above, but with random non-geometric shapes, and with the option to stuff and quilt the motifs.
Zig Zag Socks: A regular two-colour-per-round sock with a double-knit sole option.
Pinstripe Socks : A full double-layer sock with gusset decreases and grafted toe.
The Super Hero Hat: A cozy hat with simple patterning which involves decreases.
The Sizzling Hot Hat: Another cozy hat with slightly more complex patterning.
Hugs and Kisses Scarf: My first foray into introducing patterning that is dissimilar of the two sides.

All of these patterns may be found on Patternfish.


2 Responses to “Editing newest book and Double Knitting tempations”

  1. gerald Says:

    Thanks for doing the interview on KnitCast. It’s great to hear you talk about your knitting. I missed seeing you at Knitters Connection this year in Columbus.

    Yes, the Bubbles Scarf is a wonderful scarf. I’ll be adding it to my queue.

  2. Caroline Says:

    Great to hear you on KnitCast! She’s a great interviewer isn’t she, Marie? I am looking forward to Knit Camp, maybe we will meet there! I will be in Stirling on holiday with my husband that week, so I am kind of dipping in and out (we don’t get the chance to holiday together as Steve has a bicycle shop, oh and he sells the little gadgets you like so much!). I am going to don my walking books and go hiking with him, he in his turn, is doing a hand dying workshop with me! See you soon!

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