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The 6,000 pdf pattern on Patternfish! August 3, 2010

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We’ve been asked to supply Patternfish’s 6,000th pattern!

It was lucky for us that we had a new pattern: The Baby Venus Cardigan, which was virtually ready (having been in gestation for 9 months or more), but just needed a little quality time spent on it before a public hatching. So nice of it to be waiting in the wings for an occasion such as this!

Photo by Pauline Rook *

Photo by Pauline Rook *

I’m immensely grateful to, and impressed by, Julia Gruneau at Patternfish. I met up with her at TNNA two years ago, just as her company was taking shape. She was (and still is) actively seeking pattern publishers and writers to contribute designs to her site. I really liked the look and feel of her site, as well as her obvious dedication to the whole project. Julia was oh so subtle: possibly she noticed the sickly greenish tinge that my face took on when I began contemplating the task of converting 80 patterns to digital format. Julia sweetly offered to make it as easy as possible for me, even to the point of scanning in some designs that wouldn’t easily convert. This did eventually prove too problematic with some of the older 11 x 17” charts, but it got me started! Throughout the whole process she’s cheered me on and kept me motivated.

I’m so glad Julia encouraged me to make the move to downloadable pattern files. The pattern world has changed so dramatically in the last couple of years, that we would have been left high and dry by now, had we not begun the conversion. Personally, I love the ease of being able to supply edits as necessary. Gremlins always wait until you have just printed 200 patterns (and after you’ve waited six months to be sure) before revealing themselves.

I feel the services that Patternfish offers the knitter, such as archiving your patterns and providing updates, may not be matched even on our own brand-new forthcoming website. In their future there are plans to allow stores to be able to access and purchase patterns at wholesale prices for onward sales to their customers. From a very safe distance, ask any shopowner how much they love to keep the pattern binders tidy and up to date!

Patternfish is also just about ready to be able to supply downloadable clips from my DVDs (and, hopefully, from some other names you know and love) so that you’ll be able to carry my sock toe chimney technique, the Modified Conventional Bind-off or the one-row buttonhole with you as you travel!

Follow Patternfish so you won’t miss their Tweets for the latest info.

* To see more of Pauline Rook’s work please visit her site.


3 Responses to “The 6,000 pdf pattern on Patternfish!”

  1. Joan Hamer Says:

    I love Patternfish and have bought many patterns there including a lot of yours. It’s very well put together and so visual.

  2. Julia Grunau Says:

    Lucy: it’s been an absolute joy, and you and your team have been splendid to work with. And much of what we’ve done has been instigated, or very much encouraged, by you. Glad you’re happy with your decisions. We’re proud and happy to be able to carry your brilliant work.

  3. Noreen Says:

    I think you are making the absolutely right choice to transition your patterns to downloadable versions. And Patternfish is the right platform for marketing them, I think. I assume you will or have already added the download links on Ravelry, which would take people to Patternfish, or your own site eventually. I have one sock pattern of yours that I have had trouble with (and you gave me extra help–thanks, but I can be a dolt about some things). When I return to knitting it, when my brain cells repair, I’m going to buy another copy of it–through Patternfish, so I can have the entire pattern in the new format. Way to go, Ms. Lucy!

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