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Tradewind Knitwear Designs meets Facebook and Twitter August 31, 2010

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This summer has been a technology overload for me! A while ago we asked Dawne, in all innocence, if she’d like to take a course on Social Media and Networking put on by a local craft organization. Dawne loved it. She, in fact, came back a raving fan and set to work on me with the persistence of a terrier with a juicy ankle: it was imperative I create a blog. NOW.

I’ve been writing my Spunyarn News for many years now; honestly, how much difference can there be between a newsletter and a blog? Dawne, never one to back down, convinced me and here we are: my blog floats in cyberspace.

Ravelry came next. That, at least, was a pretty natural fit; it was the place for fibre folk. Their special interest groups sounded like fun. The Ravelry gang have performed an amazing networking service for the world of knitters; something that was very evident by the international nature of the UK Knit Camp. It was such a delight to unite knitters that were already virtual friends! I am a member of a few groups on Ravelry, all of which I should visit more often. I’m trying to build it into my routine, such as it is.

Since then, wishing to push me further towards the brink, dear Dawne has been gently hinting that I should get involved with Twitter and Facebook. Resistance was useless. Facebook: where now both Tradewind Knits and I can be found. It’s quite a challenge to learn the etiquette, but fun to connect with old friends and new.

Looking forward to meeting many of you on the Bubbles Scarf KAL which will be starting soon (a Ravelry group exists)!

Click on the photo below to be taken to my Flickr Bubbles Scarf slideshow.


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