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Working from home can be a challenge September 9, 2010

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I’m trying to get back on top again after August was snatched from under me. Of course, I knew that this would be the case. Don’t get me wrong: it was fun, but working from home can be very challenging when you have numbers of visitors. There has been a bit of tweeting between designers lately about the challenges this imposes; I describe it as a state of half-working.

You are trying to take quality time with friends, family and even a little for yourself for a bike ride, but somehow work just won’t go away. The entreating emails to “please just review and edit this”, preferably within the next 24 hours (something that hasn’t been on your desk or thought of for the last six months) or just the routine stuff of keeping your head above paperwork. This doesn’t include the new designs that you just need 10 minutes of coherent thought time for in order to progress further, or design details that must be written down carefully before you miss the moment. Mix into this the needs of returned student children and their requests for fatted calves, lobsters, mussels etc. and for you to act as entertainment committee and camp organizer.

I had 24 hours after my return from the UK to straighten out the paperwork and unpack, and then it was on with the show. For a week or so I could let it go. Then I found myself wide awake at 0200, making lists of what had to be done most urgently. This rapidly turned into an opportunity to get up and go to work in perfect quiet (until the occasion when I coincided with an insomniac daughter, so ended up planning out how she would sew her new curtains for her apartment). I went back to bed and left her sewing. The curtains look great.

There are times when I envy my husband’s ability of to walk out of the door and go to work (whether he does or not, who knows), but on the whole, I’m very lucky to be able to work from home most of the time. It’s just occasionally a high-wire balancing act.

An example of little things waiting for a block of quiet, work time.


3 Responses to “Working from home can be a challenge”

  1. Wow, does this sound familiar.

  2. Lenora Says:

    The most difficult part of working from home is not being able to leave work and return home in the evening.

  3. Lee Grindheim Says:

    Boy, I work from home and I know just what you mean. Right after my husband leaves is my time to knit and be quiet. But I can’t convince my clients (especially those who live 3 times zones west of me) that I am done at 5:00 and unreachable. I can hear the office phone and I end up listening to the message and then, of course, I just have to pick it up to answer the question.

    But I wouldn’t go into a 9-5 office again for love nor money.

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