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Sincere imitation? September 13, 2010

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Recently unearthed on the internet: I’m not quite sure how this makes me feel.

Here we have a crochet interpretation of my Spindrift Scarf. It’s very, very pretty. This is well suited to crochet and I do appreciate that crochetcompusive credited my design for sparking her off.

Something that I do take issue with is the rather damning statement: “I immediately pondered the binding off and casting on of stitches that must be necessary to knit this”, when in actual fact there is only one cast-on edge at the start and one at the end. She has, in fact, run the pattern down without even trying it! How does one deal with this?

Her version is undoubtedly ideal for crocheters and mine is more suited to knitters.
Here is a picture of my Spindrift Scarf, knit in Noro, by Abby of Borealis Yarns.

Spindrift Scarf in Noro Sock


4 Responses to “Sincere imitation?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Hmmm…I’d be tempted to contact her, and let her know…or, perhaps someone (else) might just forward this blog post to her… It is a mite presumptuous, after all – dissing the pattern when you’ve not actually examined it!

  2. revknits Says:

    Ah, well, I guess you should have published the crochet version as well. I love your pattern, folks are always trying to figure out how it works!

  3. Dawn Says:

    Oh dear! I want to apologize sincerely for any upset I may have caused you. At the time I saw this scarf (indeed the very one you pictured, Borealis is my LYS!), I was a very experienced crocheter, but a very, very, very (as in just finishing my first garter stitch scarf in fact) new knitter. I have not even once laid eyes on the knitting pattern, I just knew instantly how to go about it in crochet. For me, I knew I could crochet it in a heart-beat…hence the column on reconstruction I wrote for The Daily Chum. I am deeply sorry for any criticism you read into my comments and will do what I can to change that impression on the pattern page on Ravelry, though with The Daily Chum website down permanently now, I no longer have access to the original column. I can attempt to work through the Lime and Violet ladies to have it removed if you wish. Please know I am very sincerely sorry, absolutely no criticism was meant. Please contact me at the included email if there are any steps you would like me to take.

    • Lucy Neatby Says:

      That’s very sweet of you, Dawne. I’m sorry if I sounded a bit hot and heavy – and you did qualify your comment by saying that you were a beginner knitter, but you are a great crocheter BTW! Please don’t worry about about changing anything, but is most generous of you to offer! I just feel that these holes are great fun and totally agree that binding off and casting on a million times would be no fun at all. Which is the impression they give unless you have tried them.
      How is your knitting progressing? I hope that you are still firmly in both camps. Maybe we’ll meet up at Borealis this fall? Hope so. Happy stitches, hooked or knit.

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