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A great five-location tour! October 20, 2010

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I’m back in Nova Scotia  after a great five-location tour which both literally and figuratively flew by.  After Quadra Island, my next stop was the famous Okanagan region of British Columbia: I taught a class there at the invitation of textile artist Janet Armstrong.

I had often heard of the abundance of fruit orchards and vineyards in this region, so I was very lucky in arriving there at harvest time. Definitely worth visiting.

Next stop: Sheep’s Clothing,  a truly beautiful store in Valparaiso, Indiana. It was also basking in late autumn warmth; maybe that’s why they had a beer wagon parked outside their back door. The knitters know how to party in this town! (Actually they had lent the space to the knitter-friendly restaurant next door for Octoberfest!)

Then I moved on to the newly re-located True Blue Fiber Friends in Columbia, MO, a store that also carries spinning and weaving supplies, including their family-designed and patented continuous-warp frame looms.
Now that I’m home, I’m into a flurry of catch-up and getting ready to  take over the office from Susan (who will be away on family duties) when the hard copies of Cool Knitters Finish in Style arrive. Their anticipated arrival here is around Nov 1st or 2nd. With this in mind, we have prepared and addressed all of the mailing envelopes and I’ve been thoroughly briefed by Susan. Apart from answering the phone, I’ve not been working in the office for quite a while now and it’s amazing how quickly one becomes unfamiliar with the routines of packing and shipping. These actions only sit in the short-term memory, and mine erases with alarming ease these days. (This is unlike photocopying machines, which apparently remember everything on their hard drive. Think how many times you’ve copied sensitive documents…. Hopefully now that this has been made public, firms will erase the hard-drives before disposing of their copiers.)

We have been sending out the pre-ordered .pdf files for the finishing book over the last few days. If you have ordered but not received your virtual copy, please let us know.

Also, anyone that may have signed up for my Spun Yarn newsletter on a paper sheet at my classes at the Stirling Knit Camp and hasn’t yet received a message, please sign up through my website on the clickable link (right at the top of the homepage). We often have difficulty deciphering the hand-written email addresses, and we had a particularly high failure rate after this event. Lack of familiarity with some of the exotic email addresses probably contributed to this! We really do want you to get your newsletters.

Sterling Knit Camp update: I have now received my hand-addressed letter from Doug Watson informing me (under the thoughtful salutation of Dear Sirs) of their insolvency and some other apparently erroneous misinformation. I have now filled in the on-line forms with the UK Insolvency investigators to make an official complaint about the companies involved. (Thank you to those of you who provided the links to this site.)

It is anticipated that the tutor fund raiser (which will close for good with a clang on Oct. 31st) will, with any luck,  cover most of the out of pocket expenses (including travel costs) for all the unpaid teachers, and, who knows, there might be a little more towards pay.

Heartfelt thanks to Jane, who came up with the idea (after a number of knitters asked to be allowed to do something to help) and is funding the costs of independent fund administration, and to all of you generous friends and strangers who have contributed. A whole lot of tutors are sleeping much easier these nights, with the prospect of relief at hand!  Also, thanks to all of you who have voted with your money and made positive purchases of tutors’ products,  and to everyone who has replied to my blog, contacted me on Ravelry (LucyN) or on my Facebook page. I have tried to reply to as many as possible, but I  have probably missed some of you. My apologies.

Knitters really do rock, and may all your stitches smile!


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