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An ‘at home’ weekend! October 25, 2010

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It was an ‘at home weekend’ (first for a month)! Working from home is wonderful, but you have to decide when to stop. There is no official finishing time, and there is always more to do. I find tearing myself away from focused work is always a wrench: in just 3 more hours (usually an incorrect estimate, by the way) this could be done!

Last week ended on several highs:

Writing of the DK Pinstripe Mitten pattern was completed, diagrams drawn and inserted, it was laid out in Illustrator, and is currently being test knit by a couple of wonderful volunteers. This pattern has been nearly ready since the spring, but the problem of sizing totally flummoxed me, and it all ground to a halt. It was hard to make up my mind on this, but I have now reconciled myself not to attempting smaller and larger stitch numbers in this pattern (it really messes with the stripe pattern and is better achieved with needle/yarn adjustments). Also, size Medium  seems to fit 95% of knitters that have tried on the mitten. I hope to get photos of it later in the week, and it should be ready for your needles very soon. The quick snapshot shown here really doesn’t do the mitten justice, but it’s all that I have right now.

DK Pinstripe Mitten

In addition, this past week we received some unusual and exciting on-line purchases, for a whopping $0.06 and $0.13. Why should this make me joyous, you might well ask? It’s like the first sign of spring: you know it will come, even if it’s not here yet. These massive purchases signify that the years of work on our new website (with secure on-line shopping) are bearing fruit. It’s being tested behind the scenes. Not having engaged in this sort of drama before, we can’t yet give a definite date for completion. The last 10% will probably take a while, that’s how it is with technical things. Having the new website functional will be a tremendous relief for all concerned, and we hope you will like it, too.
All this aside, the weekend arrived. So, in an attempt at diversion, I finally tackled the making of granola. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages. It was both easy and a stunning success – why did I wait so long? In addition to loads of nuts, this one is a cranberry and ginger confection with small hits of crystalized ginger every now and again. Yummy. In addition to routine domestic stuff such as shopping, picking up wood pellets and trying to pull my weight with household cleaning, I allocated some time to play with fabric and managed to produce four quilt blocks. I’m a bit intimidated by cutting into fabric, but managed to get over it and decided to go Log Cabin style for quick and easy sewing. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m bracing myself to manage things here at our command post in Sue’s absence. She’s gone west to visit her mum for a couple of weeks. Let’s hope I can remember how to run the office! Be forewarned, we may be a tiny bit slow in returning phone messages, but please bear with us.


2 Responses to “An ‘at home’ weekend!”

  1. owlmania Says:

    Nice weekend! :o)

  2. Laughingrat Says:

    Those mittens look sharp! I like the bright colors of the quilt, too.

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