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Cool Knitters Finish in Style October 30, 2010

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There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Imagine my delight when the truck pulled up yesterday with a pallet of my new book, Cool Knitters Finish in Style.  The drivers kindly put the books in my garage, keeping them safe and sound in the event of rain.   Of course, after they were tucked away a light rain started to fall.  Perfect timing!  The unfortunate side effect of using the garage as temporary storage was having Mini completely blocked in.  Thankfully my good friend Karen was available to drive me around for a few afternoon errands, not the least of which was to pick up the necessary ingredients for tonight’s dinner!  I felt it important to feed dear Sam as thanks for him moving box after box of books!

My Mini blocked in with boxes of books, books, books!

Oh happy day!

Now that the books have arrived I’d like to remind you that pre-order pricing ends on October 31st.  A very special thank you for all the kind comments from those of you who have been enjoying your PDF copy of the book.


Happy stitches,



3 Responses to “Cool Knitters Finish in Style”

  1. labcat Says:

    Even though I have the pdf, I am very excited to be getting my hard copy soon.

  2. MaryjoO Says:

    have just downloaded the e-book version but still may take it to get printed up. Thanks also for iphone cast on video — have to finish getting that from my computer to the phone. Wish more people would do/offer that — hope you have more in the works!

  3. JoLynn Says:

    Just picked up the book at my LYS, wow, so full of details. Looks great.

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