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Knit Camp Fund-raising for Tutors November 3, 2010

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Stirling Knit Camp Fund-raising for Tutors

Wow! You knitters totally absolutely rock. You really, really have bowled me over!

I received a brief note yesterday from Kerrie Allman (of Yarn Forward magazine,) and Pat Ashforth (of Woolly Thoughts,), they who have been kindly donating their time to coordinate the liaison between the firm of accountants and the unpaid tutors. The note contained a figure that I, at first, read to be a total of the funds raised. OK, I plead severe distraction by trying to complete the shipping (without grievous errors on my part, all this while my right-hand person is away for two weeks) of all the pre-orders for my new book, Cool Knitters Finish in Style (it arrived here on Friday), and I confess to scanning rather than reading her message carefully. I thought the figure she mentioned was the amount to be shared amongst all the tutors. I was, of course, happy and grateful for the forthcoming contribution, since no more of the owed money appears to be coming from a certain disorganiser. But, imagine my chagrin and amazement when I reread the message this morning:, and discovered that the message in fact contained the amount headed in my direction. Wow!

The total fund has covered all the unpaid tutors’ travel expenses, with a little over towards tuition.  You folks are truly amazing. Thank you to everyone who has fund-raised, sent supportive comments, and indulged in purposeful targeted shopping from the various tutors. You’ve renewed my faith in real, dedicated knitters, and in the goodness inherent in decent people.

The healing process from the miserable Knit Camp experience began with the instigation of the fund, and was amplified by your willingness to support this project. You have all helped me (and the others) to move on and get over this experience.

“Thank you” seems inadequate, you deserve applause! You have done a wonderful thing, and it has warmed many hearts.

Happy stitches to you all.


10 Responses to “Knit Camp Fund-raising for Tutors”

  1. LisaRae Says:

    Whoo-HOOOO!! Nice to have one’s faith in humanity restored!! Having had no association with the event, I opted to “target-shop” from you, and pick up several patterns (after which I’ve been hankering for some time) plus the new book. I’m pleased to hear the good news – for the sake of all of the tutors!!!

  2. Tammy Says:

    Awesome! I am so glad to hear that the fund has gone so well!

  3. christinelaennec Says:

    This is great news, thank you for letting us all know! I would say that the healing actually began when you had the courage to speak out, Lucy. Now what’s great is to have proof of what the majority of us always thought, which is that most people are good.

  4. Danielle L Says:

    Wonderful news!!! Sooooo happy that out of all this mess, the tutors are getting their expenses recovered. thanks for sharing the news.

  5. Mary Says:

    I completely concur with the four women ahead of me, they said it all. Very good news, indeed!

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  7. […] manage the fundraising.  The campaign wound up at the end of October, and Lucy Neatby has written here that “The total fund has covered all the unpaid travel expenses, with a little over towards […]

  8. Cynthia K Says:

    So happy to hear the good news. Of course unscrupulous people can be anywhere, but somehow its hard to think of them being part of the world of knitters. Sounds as though the donations have at least kept you all from going into negative numbers, but you’re still out your time and energy because you are still not being paid for your services. I, for one, and I’m sure there are tons of others who feel the same way, am very sorry this happened to you.

  9. Kate M. Allen Says:

    Oh Lucy, I’m so glad! This was a dreadful occurance.

    And thanks for your stimulating patterns and the great classes last weekend.

  10. […] or no further money owed would be paid.  Knitters being knitters, a whip round was organised which raised enough money to at least reimburse tutors for their out of pocket […]

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