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News from home and record amounts of rain November 14, 2010

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Today I’m moving on from MI to MD. For the first time in an age, my day off /travel day hasn’t involved getting up at some ungodly hour to rush to the airport. It’s strange how a reasonable sounding 0900 flight always involves rising at 0400, but not today! Today I have time for packing, breakfast and a quick blog before being driven to Detroit. The airport, very conveniently, is on the nearer side of the city.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the internet weather at home since I’ve been gone (6 days now), and today is the first day without rain in the forecast. When I left it was blowing a hooley and bucketing down with rain. Take-off from Halifax was by no means certain,  and when it occurred it was rather alarmingly wobbly. Luckily the plane was already on the ground in Halifax from the night before (pre-storm), and would now be heading west, out of the weather. The weather here, both in Minneapolis and Battle Creek, has been unseasonably warm and glorious.

Since then, record breaking amounts of rain have fallen (and we are used to RAIN) in Nova Scotia. There are pictures of old homes near river banks, never before flooded, being inundated. Thankfully Corrie (our Webmistress) says that her family home in Barrington is OK.

Her other comment from her message “All is progressing as it should.” is music to my ears. This relates to the progress on our new secure website.  It should very soon be ready for Beta testing. I cannot tell you how many years this has been in the works (I cannot remember and try to forget) and two years ago we thought we were nearly there. We purchased a new website. However, this turned out to be, in automotive terms, the beautifully detailed and shiny bodywork of a fast car, but when we lifted the hood there was no engine, when we looked through the tinted windows, there were no seats, and the whole was jacked up on bricks. But it did look pretty.

Since then Corrie (and recently Reg), have donned overalls, rolled up their sleeves and got greasy. The database is mostly built, secure online shopping is ready,  and all kinds of lovely files (written in what looks like some arcane dialect) are being  written and tested. We are now regularly receiving payments of as much as 0.06 from Paypal from a new customer, Reg H. , for crochet-thing-me-gummies. These are dummy purchases/products to test the systems! Yes – we are getting close. Watch this space – we still can’t give you a date – but we are all squinting at the bright light at the end of the tunnel.

In addition, Dawne has emailed to tell me that our Paypal account has now been endowed with the funds raised to cover my travel expenses (incurred to get to the Stirling Knit Camp). Thank you so much, once again! I believe that the accountancy firm handling the funds has offered to continue the fund for a further month (at their expense – I am impressed by their generosity) – not sure of the back story here yet – but if you were fund-raising, it’s apparently not too late to donate.

The silence from Joanne Watson is deafening, but not surprising. There have been no further random payments to any of the tutors, nor any note of apology or reference to possible future payments from her.


One Response to “News from home and record amounts of rain”

  1. Danielle L Says:

    the silence from Joanne continues to stun me – I never would have thought a knitting event could go so wrong. But I am so happy that your expenses have been recovered 🙂 The knitting community is for the most part pretty awesome and we’re lucky to have you as one of our great instructors.

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