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Tour Update November 16, 2010

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Lucy’s Tour Update
After a delightful couple of workshop days with lots of highly motivated and excellent knitters in Glyndon, at Leslye Solomon’s Woolstock Yarn Shop (an Aladdin’s cave of fiber delights), and a fly-by workshop for a small group of enthusiasts in DC, I’ve now arrived in Chicago.

Chicago, owing to past explorations with a good friend, has become a favorite city of mine (even though I am not a city gal). It looked very attractive as I flew in last night: the street lights formed a twinkling net embracing the city. I was very curious as to what the large dark tracts of land were, though. I always wish I had a detailed map when I’m flying over an area, to be able to orient myself. The lights extend for many, many miles before you reach the city. It’s quite a contrast to arriving in Halifax, where you look out to see nothing but darkness, and, when the wheels touch down, you sincerely hope that the pilot can actually see a landing strip.
I now have a couple of lay days, in which I am catching up on work, getting a little exercise, spending time with friends and getting out and about to explore, and, of course, making a quick pilgrimage to the new Apple store. (Strictly to fondle the toys.)

To the quilting knitters I met at the Fun Knits Retreat on Quadra Island in October: thank you for introducing me to the work of quilter Gwen Marston.

I’ve both borrowed from the library and purchased a couple of her books (including Liberated Quiltmaking 2, which was awaiting my arrival in IL), and I’m very taken by her informal and spontaneous style of quilting. So many of the sentiments she expresses about quilts and designs are remarkably similar to what I have to say about knitting. The design processes appear to follow parallel paths in many art forms.

I’m itching to get home to finish my quilt, although it will have to wait until after I return from the UK: I need to go visit my mum, who is still nursing a broken ankle. Becoming old and frail makes life very challenging.


4 Responses to “Tour Update”

  1. Susan Says:

    Oh, I just love Gwen Marston! I took a wonderful class from her when I lived in Alaska and have made many fanciful pillows following her casual directions. In fact, I just had to throw one out (a rag really) and I guess I better make a new one!

  2. Thanh Thao Nguyen Says:

    Hello Lucy, I’m Thao, I saw many good review of
    your dvds on amazon and brought them through
    yarns by designs, except the brand new knitter I
    did not buy. I love them all, my favourite is double
    knitting delight, and I see number 1 on the cover,
    so I assume there is number 2, but I could not find
    it on sale on the internet. Is there a number 2?.
    where can I buy it?. I lived in Australia, and hope to
    see you in Australia, the state is NSW. the suburd is
    Leumeah, or Bankstown ( there are a lot of people
    wanting to learn from you).
    I lived in Australia

  3. Nancy Applegate Says:

    Just a note of thanks for making Chicago one of your stops. Both my mother and I enjoyed the intarsia class and meeting you. You were so kind and I learned so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. LaurenS Says:

    Lucy, thanks so much for the great workshops in Chicago. I learned new things, and had a good time.

    I’m so glad you enjoy Chicago, its a great city!

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