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Quick blog, internet permitting November 30, 2010

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With luck, and the help of the cyber-deities, here’s a last quick blog before I return from the UK. My family lives in possibly the last remaining bastion of internet-free civilisation. I exaggerate only slightly; I do find it almost impossible to find service anywhere I go around here.
My three days at home (in NS) neatly divided themselves into a reentry day, an at home day and a ‘today was a scurry of departure’ day. Sue and I met up for the first time in a month and have been trying to sort out the paperwork outstanding from the ten workshop locations that I have visited this fall.

Whoops – It looks as if I may not be able to send this even this little blog: it appears that I have either forgotten or hopefully mis-packed my phone charging cord, and the airport internet is not allowing me to log on tonight. Following a non-standard packing regime is very unsettling. I have shrunk my luggage from my usual wheelie carry-on and two cases, to one case and a backpack. I usually have a well-defined system as to where everything goes, and moving to the backpack appears to have thrown the system off. I hope I put it in the suitcase!

PS. Yes, I did!

PPS. Can find erratic internet at odd times in odd places in this house.

PPPS. Cold and damp over here with intermittent snow and hail.

PPPPS. Becoming extremely old, 92, with a broken ankle is very sad. I’m spending every day with mum trying to sort out her new room, finding and arranging things that she cannot reach. Imagine not being able to get out of your chair or even to be able to rearrange yourself more comfortably without having to ask and then wait for help! We healthy folk take so much for granted, don’t we?


5 Responses to “Quick blog, internet permitting”

  1. Cheryl Waters Says:

    Lucy, I know how you feel about your mum. My MIL moved in with us 3 years ago. She is 89. It has been a real adjustment for all. But it is working out okay.

    • Lucy Neatby Says:

      I do wish I could do something more useful than visit for a week, but geography doesn’t yet permit. Well done for nurturing your MIL.

      • Cheryl Waters Says:

        When you live so far away, it makes it hard to do more, but I’m sure your mum knows how much you love her and that you are doing what you can.

  2. mk Says:

    Lucy, it must be tough to have your momma so far away, especially at times like these. Hugs to you.

  3. Pam Everitt Says:

    Hi Lucy,

    We have just moved my partner’s 96 year old mum to a warden-controlled flat in our small town from the other side of the UK. It’s great not to have to worry about her being so far away, but is also hard work trying to settle her in, whilst she is disoriented and a bit depressed. I do sympathise with you having your mum so far away. I have just got your book ‘Cool Knitters Finish in Style’ for Christmas (it was on my list) and wanted also to tell you that your DVDs and memories of your class in Scotland have kept me sane during my four months so far off work with a cyst in my spine. I live in Norfolk near Hilary, who I think came to visit you when you were here.

    Thank you so much for the brilliant book and DVDs which are teaching me so much after 50 years of really only knowing the basics.

    Kind regards


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